LIGHTS OUT “Sucker Punch” Review

LIGHTS OUT "Sucker Punch"

LIGHTS OUT “Sucker Punch” Season 1 Episode 12 – I’ve had my fair share of gripes about Lights Out over the course of the first season but that’s because I really loved the show: with such a good premise and a great lead performance by Holt McCallany, I was looking forward to watching Lights Out fill in the void left by Friday Night Lights. Alas, this was not to be. Lights Out was cancelled by FX and next week will be the final episode of a show which has, for all its flaws, had a very strong run.

Mother Leary (Valerie Perrine) reappeared after years of alcoholic absence. Her storyline was, unfortunately, the weakest part of the episode. It was great to see Pablo Shreiber and especially Elizabeth Marvel get some decent material and watch them run with it, it’s certainly something I wish we’d seen far more of, but there were weird flaws with the plot. Like, was there a point to the shooting aside from it being a blatant plot device? Why did Lights kick his mother’s motel room down? He doesn’t have x-ray vision, so how could he tell what was going on in the room? Why were there no charges brought against Lights-did that guy have to be any slimier?

There was, however, plenty to love about the episode. Perrine did a fine job, and there were lovely nuances the writers colored her character with: bringing along two gifts for Lights’ three children, her totally understandable reasons for hating life with Pops, her bonding with Theresa. Stacy Keach was wonderful as the guy crazy for a woman regardless of her flighty behaviour: of course he never chases after her, and why would he? His first and really, his only love, is boxing.

Johnny, who has always been shown as the dumb loser in the family, finally got to show off a smarter, sexier side when strategising Lights’ publicity with the reporter. It’s a Johnny I wish we’d seen more of, and the reporter was far better (as in showed off a personality) than bland Mike.

Next week will be the obituaries. The penultimate episode was good. I hope the finale lives up to the high expectations the show has paved.

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