JUSTIFIED “The Spoil” Review


JUSTIFIED “The Spoil” Season 2 Episode 8 – I keep thinking that Raylan has already had some bad days, but just when I think they can’t get worse, he has another one that’s just as bad as all the rest. First off he finds out that his boss knows about the money that Winona took (and subsequently returned) and decides to drink away his sorrows. Bad idea. The next morning he’s assigned to protect Carol (aka Boyd’s new boss from the mining company) and not only is he hung over as all get out, but gets his ass kicked to boot. Come to think of it, those two situations probably go hand in hand, seeing as how I don’t think Raylan would’ve let Coover get the jump on him had he not been running at less than one hundred percent.

Meanwhile, Boyd has (temporarily at least) turned into a regular business man. He’s going door to door but rather than selling, he’s the one buying. Land that is. The mining company hires him to go and ask people to give up their land so that they can tear the mountain up and suck every bit of coal out of it.

Raylan escorts Carol to a town meeting all about what the mining company wants and Mags gets up and delivers one heck of a speech about why they shouldn’t. Now while I’ll admit that it was a really good speech, there’s no way I believed a word of it. That woman has a reason for why she doesn’t want the mining company there and I can guarantee that it ain’t got nothing to do with preserving their way of life. My suspicions were confirmed when Boyd told Ava that he figured out what she was up to and I’m dying to find out what he discovered.

This episode had me so enthralled that I didn’t even realize it was over until the final credits rolled. I was all set to watch everyone go to the Bennett’s party but it turns out we won’t get to see that until next week, darn it. I’m just gonna have to try and be patient until then.

My favorite bits..

Finding it interesting how something as innocuous a duffel bag could sound so menacing after a while.

Raylan hitting balls to let off some steam.

Cracking up at this: “Kid, we are the cops.” “Well then I guess you should know how to obey the law, then.”

Really? The busted tail light thing?

Laughing so hard at poor Raylan having to listen to that music in Carol’s car, especially while hung over. Poor guy didn’t look good at all.

Carol telling Raylan to pipe down so she could keep talking on her cell phone while driving. LOL.

Raylan admitting that while Boyd was shady, he was no worse than the dirty sheriff.

The way Raylan gestured when he told Boyd that the only thing they were on the same side of was the car and made his hat go wonky. Hung over Raylan is funny.

Mags beating Coover over the head with a shovel to get him off of Raylan.

Raylan losing track of his story when Carol stepped in front of him and opened her robe. Yeah, that’ll do it alright.

Raylan’s description of Dickie’s pitch as being Linda Ronstadt, aka “Blue Bayou.” That made me laugh so hard I don’t even mind that I won’t be able to get that song outta my head for the next 24 hours.

Finally finding out what happened to Dickie’s leg and how Raylan was involved.

Just loving the way everyone kept pronouncing the word ‘meetin’.

Raylan telling Boyd that if he saw anyone pull a gun, he should step in front of it.

Carol asking Raylan if he wanted to feel her heart still beating.

Being quite scared by what was in that bag up until Ava shot it (whatever it was). Whew. I was so scared for Boyd for a minute there.

Ava catching Boyd talking about “us”. Yeah, I caught that too.

The fact that Raylan thought to take off his hat before peaking his head around the window.

Thinking that Raylan was pretty damn smart to cut the anklet off his dad in order to bring them help.

Boyd telling Ava to put on something pretty.

This: “The whole reason I gave you that money was you agreed to stay away from the Bennetts!” “I lied.”

What did you think of this episode of Justified? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • jean9

    I kind of thought Raylen was punishing himself with the fight with Coover, he seemed to be pretty pissed with himself over Art knowing about the money. Plus I don’t think he wanted to pummel him with Loretta standing right there.