NCIS: LOS ANGELES “The Job” Review


NCIS: LOS ANGELES “The Job” Season 2 Episode 20 – Kensi goes undercover and works with a very handsome thief that puts her in danger. Needless to say neither of those things sit to well with Deeks but whether or not that’s because (as he claims) she is his partner or because he has other feelings for her, we don’t know yet.

It’s funny that we get a possible….er…..what are people calling Deeks and Kensi? Densi? Keeks? Anyway, it’s funny that we get an ep that kind of sets up the possibility of them being a couple because earlier this week I wrote a whole article on why Ziva and Tony should never get together on NCIS.

Now before all the…uh….okay I’m just gonna go with Densi. Before all the Densi people jump down my throat you gotta understand where I’m coming from. The thing about me is I love partnerships. Men and men, women and women or men and women, it doesn’t make any difference to me. I enjoy watching the dynamics of how partners can get to know each so well that they can predict each other’s moves and finish each other’s sentences, as well as piss each other off like no one else. In shows like this one, I also enjoy the life and death aspect of that partnership and how they literally hold each other’s lives in their hands.

Just watching a bunch of people run around shooting guns and getting shot at is no fun. It’s only when you add in the friendships that things get interesting and I really feel like something gets lost when the partnership turns into something romantic. Suddenly it’s not about what the people are doing and how they do it but rather, who they are doing. I have Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice to get my soap opera fix, I really don’t know if I could handle it on a show that I turn to for action and team dynamics.

All that being said though, I have to admit that I am sorta, kinda, maybe just a smidge, starting to possibly like the idea of Deeks and Kensi getting together. But in my defense, I think that comes more from the fact that I do see them as compatible and I do really love both their characters (which kinda surprises me since I first watched this show purely for the Sam and Callen dynamic).

My favorite bits…….

Deeks whining that Eric got an air horn and he just got cuticle clippers.

Any other Supernatural fans crack up at the fact that the Sam on this show *also* hates clowns? LOL.

Everyone continuing to refer to the guy who broke into the building as “the clown.”

The smile that Deeks and Kensi shared when Bobby (aka “the clown”) asked them if they’d ever been shot.

After a few minutes of listening to Bobby, starting to think that “clown” was a pretty accurate description

Deeks babbling about how he didn’t talk too much. An argument that proves itself.

Sam and Callen pulling off their little charade and scaring Bobby into talking.

Deeks saying that King had his own Hobbit Shire. LOL.

Deeks claiming that he knew Kensi’s voice and Sam pointing out that she was seducing the guy and maybe he didn’t know *that* voice. Oh, ouch.

The snicker that Callen gave when he got in the car as Deeks tried to protest that he wasn’t jealous of Kensi and King.

Not being able to control the gasp that came out of me when King shot Bobby. Oh noes!

The look on Deeks’ face after the guys told him to stay with Kensi. Right then, I would not have wanted to get between him and his partner.

Callen’s “of course you do” when Deeks said he had the redhead. LOL.

Kensi’s little grin as Deeks was doing his wounded act. So cute that he managed to get a smile out of her after what had just happened.

Sam and Callen’s little coffee dance to get King off his laptop. Nice.

Deeks claiming to be a soccer player. You know, I could actually see that. I mean, he’s got the hair for it.

Deeks reassuring Kensi that he would only be one step away.

OMG so heartbreaking for them to do a close-up on Deeks when he saw that explosion.

Deeks not only knocking King to the ground but telling him that it was for hitting his partner. See? Like I said, you do not want to get between Deeks and his partner.

Callen and Sam bickering over where they were going to go for dinner.

Deeks showing up at Kensi’s door with a burgers and beer and then needing Kensi to open his beer for him. LOL.

Practically dying of laughter as the screen went black to the sound of a rather impressive belch from Kensi and Deeks’ “sa-weet!”. I’m really beginning to look forward to these final funny blackout moments each week.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Julia

    This was an amazing episode. Definitely one of the best ones so far, in my opinion.

    I believe the popular nickname for Deeks/Kensi is Densi. I like Keeks a lot, too!

    I’ve read some of your other NCIS reviews. And I know that you really don’t like Tony/Ziva together or romance type of pairings on shows like these. But I’d have to respectfully disagree.

    For example, in season 1 of NCIS: LA, I did not really pay much attention to the show. It did not have that ONE pairing that grabs your attention and makes you want to invest in a show. Then in season 2, Deeks fully joined the show, and I saw the sparks flying with Deeks/Kensi all over the place. And now I watch EVERY single episode. I LOVE them together. And I think both actors are fantastic. And when you have them together in scenes, you get phenomenal chemistry. If the writers waste all that potential, it would be pretty sad in my opinion. When you are lucky enough to get such terrific chemistry between a pairing, you’d want to utilize it.

    Now, you get fans buzzing about Deeks/Kensi. The fans love them together. And it gives NCIS: LA a new layer of support. I’ve noticed that LOTS of female fans AND even male fans love shipping pairings on any tv show. It does not matter if it’s a procedural show or not. It’s a human nature.

    As a viewer, I love romance. I want to be able to root for a pairing on a show. That gives me the incentive to watch the show, and see the relationship develop. That’s what separates watching only a few episodes here and there vs every episode for me. When I have something to invest in, I would not want to skip an episode.

    With Eric(Deeks) and Daniela(Kensi), you have two gorgeous actors who have honestly amazing chemistry. And viewers are responding loudly to Deeks and Kensi. And I think this gives the show more buzz and attention and more focus. Also, it separates the show from typical procedurals which have no pairing or really character focus.

    Anyway, it’s just my opinion, of course. But from reading online message boards and seeing all the fan music videos for Deeks/Kensi, it would be a shame to disappoint the fanbase. And I think Shane Brennan can see that the fans love them together. Hence, that is why we keep getting more development which is beautiful to watch.

    Right now, I even think Deeks/Kensi are more interesting and fun than Tony/Ziva from NCIS. And this is coming from a fan who also likes Tony/Ziva a whole lot.

    By the way, the moments you mentioned as your top ones, I agree! Especially the close up of Deeks’ face when the explosion happens. That really shows how much he cares about Kensi. And it shows a separation from how Sam/Callen reacted. Honestly, when it comes to shows, I like to see human relationships. I like to see love stories and couples. And REAL genuine real life type of character interactions instead of shows being too robatic and procedural. I want to be entertained.

    Sorry for the LONG response. I just wanted to show more of a Deeks/Kensi fan perspective. I do appreciate your reviews. I just happen to be a SHIPPER type of fan who loves romance and love stories. And I think that when you have terrific chemistry, a writer would want to really utilize it because that creates more buzz and attention to the show in general.

    • Anonymous

      Well, one thing I will say about the Deeks/Kensi thing is that I’d be more up for seeing it than the Tony/Ziva thing as long as they don’t let it stretch out for years and years. I think that’s one of the reasons why I have no desire to see it on NCIS, it’s just too late now.

      So glad I wasn’t the only one to notice the look on Deeks’ face when that explosion happened and exactly what it meant. I also agree completely on wanting a show to entertain and show human relationships that are real. I guess part of my fear for the romance stuff is that it never feels real. If they can pull it off, they will definitely make a convert out of me.

      No worries about the long response. I loved it! So great to hear from a shipper and just so you know, I’m a little bit of a shipper myself. I just tend to like my ships in fanfic and not on the actual show (even if I haven’t really written any of them, I still enjoy reading them sometimes). I’m a little weird that way.

      • Julia

        I absolutely agree on the whole dragging pairings for years thing. This is why I have less interest in NCIS right now. I feel like they have been teasing and teasing Tiva for years and years. And fans got pretty frustrated and annoyed.

        So I HOPE Shane Brennan won’t drag Deeks/Kensi like he is doing with Tiva. Right now, I like the pace that Deeks/Kensi have. They are growing closer. And you are getting genuine and sweet moments with them. That’s why I like them. They are pretty exciting and full of chemistry. I would hate to see them being teased for years…to the point of fans being disappointed and tired of waiting.

        Out of the NCIS shows, I definitely prefer NCIS: LA right now. I think the show is a bit younger and more hip.

        It was really hard NOT to notice Deeks’ heartbreaking expression. Especially given the fact that the director did not even show Sam/Callen’s reactions, and they know Kensi for a LOT longer than Deeks. Yet, I like how there is this unique and special connection that Deeks and Kensi have. And this episode definitely showed it perfectly.

        Honestly, I hope we get episodes like this again. Just a terrific bonding episode that shows their connection.

        I’m a shipper. And I can’t help rooting for pairings on tv shows. Especially when certain pairings have this insanely terrific chemistry.

    • I hope the writers also realize that this as an ensemble show. I love Kensi and Deeks too but I also tune in weekly and never miss out for the partnerships between the characters first and foremost, and as much as Densi fans are excited; quite a few of us are worried about the other characters getting shunted to the side for catering to a certain part of the fanbase for this show. As long as there is balance, I dont care if they get together; I dont want the show to become just about that.

  • Wicket Dootje

    Last night’s episode was awesome, I loved all the interactions between the characters, and I love how Deeks was so worried and jealous and hit King for hitting Kensi.

    Just one queston… A year after ECO came on to the show as Deeks, and people have been loving him and Kensi ever since.. And you’re NOW wondering what they’re called? No offends, but take a look around on the web, and you’ll see the FANS have dubbed them Densi a long time ago. Not you, as you claim on twitter.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, Deeks hitting King for hitting Kensi was classic.

      Well all I can say in answer to your question is that I am a fan and have watched every ep since day one. I made it pretty clear that I’m not a big fan of ships so looking up terms for couples is not something I ever do. So I never saw it. Sorry if that bothers you but hey, at least I’m honest about it. I admit it, I never saw it. There, shoot me. LOL.

      Oh and by the way, I actually looked around a few places and never saw any mention of what the pairing was being called. I’ll admit to not spending hours searching but I figured the few places I looked (via Google) were enough. My bad and again, I’m totally owning up to my mistake. Feel free to flame on if you like.

  • *some* fans love them together, and *some* of those fans want them together romantically.
    Not all. I for one love the partnership between Deeks and Kensi and how we’re actually getting to see it evolve and strengthen, but the last thing I want is to see them move into a romantic pairing.
    (if I wanted that, I’d have stayed watching Grey’s Anatomy)

    Here’s hoping TPTB will see sense and keep these two as loyal partners and friends.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t have put it better myself! :o)

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t have put it better myself! :o)

  • CallensGirl

    That was a great article. I like the comparison between Deeks and Kensi and Tony and Ziva. I agree with you. They need to work as a team. Chemistry is important, but the romance should be left to every other drama series out there. Also I love your list of moments you liked! Such cute ones in this ep. I loved Callens little laugh too, hes so adorable. =)

  • Julia

    Also, something to add. In terms of realism, I think it’s VERY realistic for two people who work in such extreme life or death situations on a daily basis to fall in love. A romance in the work place is common. Especially when you consider the dangerous type of environment that Deeks and Kensi are working in. And especially the many hours of late night steak out sessions. And well, the long hours and all that traveling.

    I just think it’s very realistic. Especially, if the two people also happen to be extremely good looking and get along beautifully. There is a certain amount of trust and honesty when it comes to two agents who risk their lives on a daily basis. They basically put their life in the hands of the other person.

    In comparison to Tiva, I think the fact that Shane Brennan is dragging them for close to 6 years now, that is sort of what makes it less realistic. I personally can’t imagine a real life pairing that has to take 6 years to happen. It would have been completely realistic for Tiva to get together AFTER Tony saved her in season 7. That was their chance, I felt.

    Deeks and Kensi, on the other hand, so far are developing at a realistic pace. They are getting to know each other. Nothing is dragged right now. You actually get genuine forward movement. That’s why I’m liking them a lot more. I feel like they are being portrayed as real people right now who are growing closer.

    Also, to answer some of the above responses. I would say a HUGE amount of fans love Deeks and Kensi together as a romantic pairing. At least from what I can tell on the internet. I see music videos, fan art, websites, and etc all for them. And in reading the general online message boards, you also get a ton of support. Even the critics are giving them props. On E! and TV Guide spoiler columns, most questions are asked about Deeks and Kensi. So I think that says a lot. To be honest, I don’t see any negative reaction at all towards them. I see a ton of negativity for Tony/Ziva, though, ironically.

    I just think to ONLY keep Deeks/Kensi as co-workers would be selling them short. They honestly have SO MUCH potential to be a lot more. The chemistry and the sparks are all there. And to keep them platonic would make the show a bit more procedural and robatic for my personal taste. I know that Criminal Minds for example has no romance anywhere between the lead characters, and that’s what’s preventing me from watching the show on a regular basis. Criminal Minds honestly feels like a systematic and robatic show, sometimes.

  • Tionne

    I agree with you: The episode was awesome. It changed from light and witty to dead-serious the second “the clown” was shot… Literally. Kensi and Deeks relation- or partnership or whatever you want to call it took a big step and I honestly didn’t expect it or see it before, but there really was a connection, a vibe between them that was believable and felt… right.

    But since there was so much emotion and compassion between Kensi and Deeks the lack of emotion from Callen and Sam bothered me. I get that they are professional and need to stay calm in any situation, no matter how dangerous, but they just didn’t seem bothered at all. Even though Kensi isn’t their “partner”, she is still a member of their team.

    I never noticed it to this extent before, because NCIS Los Angeles is just much more action driven and the interactions of the team mostly center on the case they’re working on. But now that there was more emotion displayed by Kensi and Deeks, to me, the others seemed very aloof and distant.

    • Yeah the non response from Callen and Sam was sloppy writing IMO. Team first, shippy stuff second I say but they kind of dropped the ball with that with this one. Other than that, episode was awesome.

  • Shelley

    I loved your post/article. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving Deeks and Kensi too, their chemistry is fantastic, but how would a romantic pairing work out? Won’t it mess things up? They shouldn’t be partners then, right? I definitely don;t want it dragged out, but I am also a little apprehensive about how it might mess up the show. Does that make any sense?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, that made total sense and you pretty much just voiced exactly how I feel, too. A part of me is kinda rooting for them and a part of me is worried about what that will mean.