John Rothman, Cristine Rose & Tess Harper Are Cooper & Charlotte’s Parents On Private Practice

PRIVATE PRACTICE couple Charlotte King and Cooper Freedman have gone through some rough times in the past year – but this is one situation that may take the cake. has reported that in the May 5 episode of the ABC series, we will finally be introduced to Cooper and Charlotte’s in-laws. Wait…in-laws? That’s right. There’s a big step on the horizon coming from both characters, and the parents will be there to see it all.

John Rothman and Cristine Rose will play the roles of Cooper’s parents, while Tess Harper (Tender Mercies, Silkwood) will play the role of Charlotte’s mother, Augusta (her father is deceased.) Rose was last seen as villainous mom Angela Petrelli on NBC’s Heroes and Rothman is best known for his role in Ghostbusters.

Given all the ups and downs of this relationship, it’s exciting to see both characters move forward. I’m really looking forward to seeing how both sets of parents react to each other – what about you?

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