UNDERCOVER BOSS “Synagro” Review

Undercover Boss “Synagro”, Season 2 Episode 19 – Eww! Undercover Boss returned this week with a rather gross episode in “Synagro”. I know that companies like Synagro must exist, but never thought about the day-to-day activities the employees go through. And to be honest with you, I kinda wish that continued to stay a mystery to me. It turns out most of it is just as gross as you’d think!

Bill Massa, President and CEO of the largest waste processing company in the country, ended up doing a pretty good job in this episode. There’s not often a whole lot of stand-out scenes in episodes of this show that I can talk about in my reviews. Every episode is usually very similar: A wealthy CEO works with his underprivileged and put-upon employees to learn about the problems in their company and actually ends up learning about themselves. That’s the formula, and it works well.

As far as any parts of the episode that really stuck out to me, I was genuinely surprised how enthusiastic Bill was about getting his hands dirty on these jobs. A couple of weeks ago on “City of Cincinatti”, the mayor Mark Mallory was so grossed out by his job that he wouldn’t even eat his food without washing his hands first. This week, however, Bill was spooning sludge samples into cups bare-handed, driving bulldozers through gross fields of refuse, and scraping tampon applicators out of poo centrifuges, and many more unmentionable jobs. I’ve got nothing but props for this guy for jumping head first into what is possibly one of the grossest jobs in the country. This is not something I would be interested in.

I liked the little side-story about redemption in this episode. It was cool that Bill used to work for a company that output a lot of pollution, and moved from there to a company that generates products to support the environment. He was also somewhat redeeming his job since the previous person to occupy it was involved in legal trouble. I wish there were more backstory to the CEOs every week. It’s usually just “I come from humble beginnings, look at me now”, and that’s it for the background, so it was nice that he had something to prove.

With only a few more episodes left in the season, here’s hoping they continue to produce the high level of quality they have been in these last few episodes.

Random Thoughts:

– Did it gross anybody else out that the technical term for dried up human waste is “cake”?

– When Rich wiped all of the sludge off of that “Big Bertha” hose, I gagged. So disgusting.

– I loved Melvin’s accent. I cracked up when Bill asked him if he knew who he was at the reveal scene, and he responds “Pow!” instead of “Paul”.