MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “The New Normal” Review

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT (ABC Family) - The New Normal

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “The New Normal” Season 2 Episode 11 – MAKE IT OR BREAK IT is like the little engine that could. I’ve been expecting it to be cancelled at every turn, despite how much I like the show. (Yes, the glass is half empty.) But Emily, Lauren, Payson, and Kaylie are back! And each of them is immersed in their own personal crisis in the aftermath of the World Team gymnastics tryouts.

In “The New Normal,” we find Emily with a probation officer and an ankle monitoring device stuck to her every move. Lauren is wrapped in her own version of guilt, covered up by her “crazy for boys” attitude. Payson has the coach-student affair rumors hanging over her head. And Kaylie is in counseling for anorexia, but fighting every step of it (with the help of Maeve, a model who knows how to work the rehab system). All of them have anger issues that I’m sure will inevitably blow up in future episodes.

Upon seeing the cringe-worthy opening dream sequence, I began tonight’s episode thinking, “if this is how the rest of the season is going to be…,” until I saw Sean Maher pop up on the screen, playing a NGO official! It completely perked me (and the rest of the episode) up. How did I miss this casting news? The talent quotient just went much higher!! There is hope yet.

Another new addition to Make It or Break It is Max (Josh Bowman), who decides to join The Rock, instead of the Denver Elite. So far, so good with this actor. His American accent is acceptable; and he delivers his character’s often awkward lines with enough ease. He will give Austin a run for his money in the white knight department. If new cutie Max is in, is old cutie Carter out? He was never really around much, was he? Carter went to the competition’s gym, out of protest of Lauren’s immoral ways. Noble, but isn’t it enough to just break up with her?

It was good to see Sasha hiding out in Denver; but like Carter, it seems questionable how long or how often we will be seeing the character on the show.

As hinted at earlier, Austin is still playing the knight in shining armor character with sage wisdom and words of advice for everyone. Admittedly the leg warmer idea for Emily was a nice touch. And while it was big of him to put off a relationship with Kaylie, it came off as slightly patronizing.

Finally, nemesis Kelly Parker is at her best taunting Emily, Payson, and Lauren throughout the entire episode. I’m sure she was sending evil thoughts to Kaylie as well. Kelly is so easy to hate.

Well, there you have it. The gang’s all here! Who will be the next one to start making amends?

Did episode 11 “The New Normal” of Make It or Break It disappoint or satisfy your expectations? Comment below.