CSI: MIAMI “About Face” Review


CSI: Miami “About Face”, Season 9 Episode 18 – It looks like CSI: Miami has just about kicked its habit of starting off their episodes with beautiful people at a party, as “About Face” just started by showing us a bunch of beautiful people at a local university. Apparently, there are no ugly people in Miami.

Anyway, this week’s episode of CSI: Miami tries its hand at the “Craigslist Killer” archetype, although this time it’s the “Barterparty.com Killer”. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. Either way, the rather unoriginal story was made up for with some great guest stars and an exciting kidnapping of Natalia.

Kevin Corrigan was the big guest star this week as the kidnapper Patrick Clarkson. I was actually a little surprised to see him in this kind of role. He’s usually a comedic actor, as most people would recognize him from Grounded For Life, as well as small roles in movies like Pineapple Express and Superbad. He’s most recently had a hilarious turn on Community as “Professor Professorson”, so it’s odd to see him taking a break from those type of roles to play such a huge creep. Granted, he usually plays the “creepy” guy even in his comedic roles, but he’s never a convicted killer.

I was also really excited to see Mark Pellegrino of Dexter and LOST fame. I’m not quite sure how I feel about his mustache, but it was nice seeing him play such a sleazy and opportunistic scumbag. He’s so famous for playing such confident and headstrong characters, like Paul from Dexter and Jacob from LOST, so it was refreshing to see him as such a skeezy killer. By the way, did anybody else think he looked a lot like Christian Bale with his new facial hair? The similarity was a lot stronger in the last scene.

This was a nice end to a solid episode of CSI: Miami. The somewhat unoriginal storyline was redeemed by some great guest stars. Here’s to hoping we continue getting some great episodes as we’ve only got a few left in the season!

Random Thoughts:

– Did anybody else notice in the scene when Natalia crashed Patrick’s van that the scene was being filmed from another car? It was very strange. You could see the side mirrors of the car that it was being filmed from. I don’t know if it was a choice to film from another driver’s perspective, or if it was just an editing oversight, but either way it was pretty distracting.

– When you have such a fancy, high-tech table that can do everything, how can it not trace a call without first untangling a cable out of a jumble of wires and plugging it in first? Shouldn’t you be able to just drop the phone on the table and have it trace the call? I guess that’s the point of having an impossibly advanced search computer, you can have it work fine when the story requires it or make it not work when the story requires it not to.

– Which fake website name is worse? Barterparty.com or discover-it-all.com? By the way, www.discover-it-all.com reroutes to www.cbs.com.