BEING HUMAN “Going Dutch” Review

BEING HUMAN (SyFy) Going Dutch"
BEING HUMAN “Going Dutch” Episode 11 – The only constant is change, and our instinct is to resist. Change doesn’t care if you love it or hate it, and it will not be denied. So we begin our stroll into BEING HUMAN. Darkness is slowly falling, and the city is “Going Dutch”. Aidan has kept his word and joined with Bishop, but he has plans of his own. Nora might be pregnant and Sally is having a few problems when her ex appears with an “exterminator”—make that an exorcist.

It is just getting worse and worse for these three isn’t it?

The Dutch do not approve of Bishop’s plan to go “public”. Of course, they found out because Marcus told them, the creep. Poor Josh is having nightmares of parenthood, even though Aidan sees it as his one chance to grab a normal life. And Sally is suffering. Really suffering.

“Going Dutch” was one of those episodes that had me completely breathless. Each thread of the story was so compelling I wanted it to go on, but then, wanted to know what was happening to the others too. If I could have managed three TVs showing the three stories at the same time, it would have been perfect. Yes, it was that good, no… not good, amazing. There are long term ramifications for each of our roommates, and, oh, my heart goes out to all of them.

When Nora told Josh she was pregnant, and he voiced that most insensitive of questions—namely was she sure it was his—I wanted to smack him. Of course, that is the feminine side of me defending a sister. I hadn’t gotten so far as his thought, that he didn’t think he could get someone pregnant because of what he is. Forgive me Josh! His conversation with Aidan about the pregnancy, while it had a few funny moments, was deeply poignant as well. Especially in light of everything that was happening. Aidan’s comment that Josh was the one with the chance at a normal life was heartbreaking. Josh’s talk with Nora was… it was so real. Even though we all knew he was talking about being a werewolf, and she didn’t realize that, the whole thing was just so believable it hurt.

Speaking of hurt, oh Sally! Seeing her suffering at the hands of the exorcist was hard to watch. Even though I knew the woman performing the ritual didn’t realize why Sally was there, I resented her presence, I mean, after all she was there with Danny. I really hate Danny. In those final moments, I almost couldn’t watch, then… the reprieve! Sally’s possession of the exorcist was stunning. I couldn’t believe she managed it! And that Danny reacted that way in public was surprising as well. Sally’s story is out, Danny’s hand in her murder is known, and he can’t hide behind his lies anymore. Although I am worried, desperately, for what that means for Sally. Vengeance can turn ugly, and destroy those that wield it very quickly.

And finally, Aidan. I have no words. When he went back to “the family” for Josh, I knew trouble was brewing. We all did. Especially with the arrival of the Dutch. Nothing good could come of it. Bishop was too calm about it, something weird was going on and I’ve always known that Marcus was something beyond a creep. He showed his true colors this week when he not only told the Dutch about Bishop’s plan, but he went after Aidan for an undead lifetime of resentments. Thankfully for us, he made the fatal mistake of telling Rebecca he’d killed the bullies, which in turn led to Aidan’s decision to kill Bernie. If he hadn’t, things might have gone very differently when Bishop went a little crazy. Let me rephrase that: Bishop went a lot crazy and has set in motion things that are going to be bad. Very bad.

I have never been a fan of Rebecca. She was a victim of fate, but still, she wasn’t high on my list of favorites. Sure, she really was and trying to function as best she could in a life she didn’t want and never asked for. Tonight’s episode was, in many ways, hers. She was a guiding hand in many of the events, and the final moments left me in tears. That doesn’t happen very often.

“Going Dutch” was stunning. Literally. I sat for several moments after the credits and previews rolled before I could pull my thoughts together into coherent sentences. The show has been good before, it’s been amazing, tonight… tonight it was brilliant and breathtaking. I am going to wait here in silence, Being Human until I can catch my breath. Is it next week yet?

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  • Pat

    I agree that this is an amazing show, and this was an amazing episode.

    But, I was left conflicted about the elders. I mean, after last week, I had said the elders needed to go. And, bishop has proven his evil side, but in a way, the elders deserved what happened to them. I’m not sure I completely understand Aidan’s reaction, including overturning that heavy table on a woman pregnant with twins!

    I hope that Danny does not decide to burn the house to the ground, which was the other alternative offered by the exorcist. 8-(

    Overall, looking forward to next Monday!

    • Anonymous

      Aidan tossing the table was a little surprising, I hope he lost his head in the heat of the moment! The elders really did and do need to go, but I think all Aidan was focusing on was stopping Bishop.

      Oh! And until you reminded me, I had completely forgotten the exorcist had mentioned burning the house down. He’s the type. I just hope if he does try, Aidan and Josh are home to stop him!

      I can’t wait till next Monday

  • I am SO glad Marcus got staked. That was my fave part.

    I also didn’t get why Aidan didn’t snag the pregnant lady off the table before throwing it at Bishop. I think he saved the elder because he disagrees with Bishop and he doesn’t want the vampires to take over. Now the elder owes him something so when they bring reinforcements to Boston to get rid of Bishop, Aidan should be safe.

    I think that Nora might have a miscarriage because she isn’t a werewolf.

    • Pat

      Ah, ok, that makes sense re Aidan’s action saving the elder. Thanks!

      As for Nora, I think there is still the question of whether or not the baby will be a werewolf. I mean, we know for sure that werewolves propagate by biting and turning victims, but we don’t know about babies… It will be interesting to see what happens!

      • Anonymous

        I wonder about the baby too, I was thinking about that last night after Josh’s dream. I actually read a book once where werewolves could be born as well as made. It will be interesting to see where they take it.

    • Anonymous

      I cheered when Marcus got staked. I kind of wish he’d suffered just a little… but he’s gone and it’s great that Rebecca was that hand that did it.

      I hadn’t thought of the elders owning Aidan, but they would. It seems there is a very strict code of honor and a debt like that would be important.

      Do you really think she’ll miscarry? That would be so sad for Josh, almost a confirmation in that still strong belief he has that he is a monster. Oh, I hope she doesn’t!

  • Ms.Carmen Diva

    That was a really good episode. I love this show!

    • Anonymous

      Wasn’t it just amazing? I love this show so much! Monday is my TV night now.

  • Anonymous

    Once again, you’ve managed to say pretty much everything I wanted to say about this episode. Seriously, how can it keep getting better? I keep waiting for a mediocre ep to pop up between the fantastic ones but it never happens.

    The scene between Josh and Aidan was funny and yet heartbreaking. When Aidan asked him if he asked “the” question, his response when Josh confirmed he had was classic. Then two seconds after I was laughing, I felt sad when Aidan pointed out to him that he actually had a chance at a normal life….unlike him and his “child”.

    Josh admitting to Nora that he didn’t think he could father a child was another amazing scene. I saw her melt immediately and I felt for both of them right then.

    And then there was the end. Like you said, Rebecca wasn’t my favorite either but the way the closed out her story was perfect and I found myself finally feeling respect for her.

    It still had me bawling like a baby though.

    • Anonymous

      I keep waiting for an “off” episode too, but this show just doesn’t seem to have them. Not only are they all strong, they get better every week. It never ceases to amaze me that it’s just getting better and better as the weeks go on. This episode was just…

      I am tense waiting for next week, there is a lot happening, and I have a feeling we are heading for some serious bad. I’m really worried, and knowing we have a second season for Being Human, I am starting to worry about what kind of awful cliffhanger they are going to cook up for us