AMERICAN DAD “I Am The Walrus” Review

AMERICAN DAD "I Am The Walrus" Season 6 Episode 13
AMERICAN DAD “I am the Walrus” Season 7 Episode 13 – Tonight’s American Dad pitted father against son in a battle of masculine dominance in the Smith household.

I loved the series of daily competitions between Stan and Steve that were purely about asserting their status in the male hierarchy. They were such incredible jerks to one another but in their obnoxious attitudes, you could totally see how Stan and Steve are father and son. Having Steve lured into the bedroom by a trail of comic books was a funny scene that reminded me of similar traps set in other animated series (especially the candy trap set for James Woods in Family Guy) but Stan’s malicious look at Steve when he walked into the room just made the whole set up so much more twisted.

This of course, brings Steve to ask Roger for advice and very quickly the episode goes from good to great. The spoof featuring Steve, Roger, Snot, Barry and Toshi dancing provocatively with an ottoman was absolutely hilarious and probably my favorite scene of the night. Normally, I can do without a lot of completely random and off-topic gags, but I also loved Roger and Steve talking baseball and somehow ending up at a Nationals game. They took that joke far enough that I started to think that somehow their day trip and the game was going to actually be part of the plot. Their ensuing conversations about hating baseball but loving go-carts and Airplane movies was just as great even if it had nothing to do with the issues Steve was having with his dad.

Meanwhile, Hayley and Jeff have been fighting about everything and have decided to seek marriage counseling. Much to their dismay, the only publicly available counseling is run by Principal Lewis who essentially uses them to clean his filthy house at gunpoint. I didn’t care much for this subplot and I felt it kind of threw off the pacing of the rest of the episode, but there were still some good lines here.

The party scenes at Roger’s alternate persona’s home were all great and I liked Roger trying to train Steve in the art of high school seduction. Stan apologizing to Steve at the party was sweet but it did feel a little unnatural, that is, until they showed Stan teaching Steve how to shave on Principal Lewis’ back. That felt much more like the father-son bonding I’d expect from the Smith family.

Even though the father-son rivalry is not a new situation for comedy, I think American Dad was successful in putting it’s own spin on the scenario and making it feel fresh. After a couple weeks away, it was nice to have a new episode of American Dad back on the Animation Domination lineup and I think tonight’s episode was a particularly funny return.