NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Future” Review


NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Future” Season 1 Episode 19 – Light speed and time relativity. Murder. Dirty cops and money-loving gangbangers. NO ORDINARY FAMILY pulls out all the stops in tonight’s episode “No Ordinary Future.” There’s a quick-moving plot, action, and a good interweaving of characters. This is the kind of episode that the show needed from the beginning of the season.

Boosted by an extra dose of trilsettum, Stephanie’s high-speed running turns into time travel “zooping.” In the future, she sees unnerving scenes, where her family’s powers have been exposed and they are in danger from the government. Jim and George witness the murder of Detective Cordero, and try to figure out who did it and why.

No one can see or hear Stephanie when she is in the future, but she could open doors.

I couldn’t help laughing out loud at seeing JJ and Daphne in the future. They looked like two runaway kids in need of a shower, rather than two people on the run from the law. Funny! And again JJ’s poor sense of judgment leads him to grab for food next to rattling glass, which reveals their presence. But actually he doesn’t commit this transgression, does he, since he figured out how to get Stephanie to the right place and time.

Chris wants Daphne to “convince” his jerk boss to give him a raise. Her conscience prevails and she doesn’t do it. Why is Chris acting like a girl? Well, it doesn’t matter anymore (keep reading).

Victoria Morrow is alive…because of Joshua?! Where is he anyways? Mrs. X gives her a special project, gathering information on Katie. Victoria does this by knocking out (killing?) Dr. Klein before his appointment with Katie. Really subtle. I was relieved that Katie was only there for an ultrasound, until the needle comes out.

Stephanie determines that there is no trilsettum in Katie’s blood. The trilsettum is contained within her baby, which is of great interest to Mrs. X. Shudder and yikes, Victoria as a mother. Watch out, Katie! (Her wish for her baby to have 10 fingers, 10 toes, and not to kill her was amusing and very Katie.)

Jim ends up being the one to (almost) reveal the family’s secret when a reporter films him flipping over a car to save George from being shot. He decides instead to punch out the would-be shooter. Couldn’t he do this the first time around?

After stopping the bad cop, Daphne confesses about her ability to “push thoughts” into people’s minds. Her parents convince her to erase what Chris knows about the family. Now he can’t remember her or her family at all. And he is apparently a total jerk, too. Did Daphne “push” too hard, or just didn’t know how to use the power? In any case, you have to feel sorry for her. It was a heartfelt scene.

Mr. Litchfield is missing, too? The mystery continues.

Can’t wait to see the finale! What did you think about episode 19 “No Ordinary Future” of No Ordinary Family? Comment below.