PRIVATE PRACTICE “A Step Too Far” Review


PRIVATE PRACTICE “A Step Too Far” Season 4 Episode 17 – You know, as I was watching this episode, I started writing out this whole thing about Coop. It was all about how I love Coop but I think sometimes he plays things a little too safe and why that was probably a good thing for a pediatrician, but maybe not all the time. I was on Sam’s side and thought that the teenager should go ahead and wrestle because, like Sam said, you gotta let kids go out into the world and take risks.

Well all of that changed the moment that boy went down after his meet. Then I realized that Coop was right to be cautious and the difference between what he and Sam said was that Sam had been using the unknown as a defense (getting hit by a bus, etc). Sure it’s true that those things can happen but when you know that there’s an actual danger, one that shows up on tests, maybe that’s when you don’t take the risk.

One other thing I will say about Coop’s cautiousness is that I do think that maybe it’s one of the reasons why maybe he’s never done more than just his regular practice. So maybe he did take some of what Sam said to heart, seeing as how he was looking at adding to his repertoire like the rest of his colleagues.

Okay so now that my Coop character essay is over, I will talk about Addison. I’ll admit I was avoiding it a bit because, well, her storylines are really starting to piss me off (sorry, there’s just no better way I can think of to put that). Seriously, I’m beginning to wonder if someone in the writer’s room over there at PP really has something against her. First they bring her overbearing mother back into her life, then they kill her off and leave Addison torn up and dealing with her family. Just when she gets over that she comes home to find out that her boyfriend and best friend had done some making-out while she was gone and now, just for good measure, they give her the hope of pregnancy only to take it away.

I really hope they leave her alone at some point, I know this is a “soap opera” and it’s all about the drama but I think that can just as easily come from the cases they see as from the main characters. They’ve all had a rough year (just look at Charlotte) and sometimes I just wish there could be some happiness.

Okay, rant over, now onto my favorite bits. Because, believe it or not, I actually did have some..

I’m just gonna say it, I loved that they started the episode with a Wham! song.

Sam claiming that nothing happened with Naomi? Well yeah, I guess that a kiss is nothing but the asking about it was something. Oh well, at least it’s over.

Coop describing the cake that Sam ordered on the day his book was released. Really? A cake that looked like him?

Addison catching on to the fact that the “couple” they’d just found kissing was not the couple they should have found kissing. Uh oh.

Amelia walking in to Addison’s office and announcing that she felt like crap.

Cracking up at the fact that it was the neurosurgeon who had to tell the gynecologist that she was preggers. LOL.

The little smile on Addison’s face after Amelia left the room. Oh man, I really hope she’s pregnant. Too much bad stuff has happened to her recently, getting a pregnancy scare would not be fair at all.

Trying really hard not to laugh at Pete telling Addison that life wasn’t like a cheap, romance, has he met any of his co-workers? That whole place has been a cheap, romance novel at one time or another.

Addison pointing out to the woman that she may not be able to control who she falls in love with, but she can choose to tell the truth.

Sheldon saying that he hoped someone very handsome played him in the movie based on Violet’s book.

Alex Kingston playing Marla Tompkins and speaking with an American accent. So weird.

Aha! I was wondering how long it was going to take Sam to figure out that all of Addison’s symptoms added up to something possibly more than the flu.

The wife finding out that her sister and husband were having an affair at the very worst time.

Sheldon asking Marla what kind of therapist specializes in insults.

Knowing for a fact that Tyler was going to go down, even after he won the match and everything looked okay.

Sheldon asking Coop’s permission to date Marla. Ha!

What did you think of this episode of Private Practice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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