Michaela McManus Returns To VAMPIRE DIARIES

According to TVLine, bad-ass wolf Michaela McManus – who was last seen riding off into the sunset of Mystic Falls with fellow wolf Tyler – will return to THE VAMPIRE DIARIES before the end of the season.

Currently, there’s no word on how long her character will stick around – or why she’s returning. But considering that we know her return will happen during the next full moon, so we can assume that whatever the reason for Jules’ return is, it’ll be interesting.

McManus, along with Trevino’s Tyler, hasn’t been seen on the show since February, but word on the street is both are scheduled to make an appearance before the show’s season finale. After all…with the Originals on the way, don’t we need some werewolves to spice things up?

Are you happy to see the return of Jules (and possibly more wolves) to Mystic Falls? I personally wasn’t a huge fan of her character at first, but she kind of grew on me. I think it’ll be exciting to have her back!

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