FX’s LIGHTS OUT Cancelled

This doesn’t really come as a surprise, but it’s still painful none the less. LIGHTS OUT has been officially cancelled. We received an email from FX confirming the unfortunate cancellation of their great new drama series.

But for fans of the show it’s not over yet, FX will air the final two episodes as planned on during its regular time slot, Tuesdays at 10pm E/P (March 29 and April 5).

Lights Out follows former boxing champ “Lights” Leary as he struggles to support his family after retiring from the ring.

The show premiered back in January with a measly 1.5 million viewers. And while the show did receive critical praise, it kept losing viewers week after week. This also comes as FX’s second major failure this season, following the cancellation of their other critically acclaimed show, Terriers.

I’ll admit that I am not caught up to the most recent episode of Lights Out, but I have to share the first feeling I had when I watched the show. Not only was I blown away by Holt McCallany’s unbelievable performance, but it felt like I was watching a boxing movie in the vain of The Boxer (great movie by the way). And even though I know the series is ending, I will be watching every single episode until the end.

Fans of the show, what do you have to say? Are you as sad as I am to see this show go? Will you be watching the remaining episodes?

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