MR SUNSHINE “Celebrity Tennis” Review

Mr Sunshine

MR SUNSHINE “Celebrity Tennis” Season 1 Episode 7 – Alonso is hosting a charity celebrity tennis event for people with jello bones. Plenty of secrets come out, and Jimmy Connors makes an appearance. If Mr Sunshine was a drama, it would be a lighthearted drama. As a comedy, it’s a pretty dark comedy. And not dark as in Kind Hearts and Coronets, but dark because the themes and issues explored are, for the most part, unsuccessful in being alleviated by jokes.

Alice: “Jello?”
Ben: “No thanks, I’m talking to Alonso.” Wah wah.

Despite the fact that the only comedy comes from Allison Janney, Mr Sunshine has managed to create characters to care about. Give it time at the comedy will hopefully catch up, but I’d rather spend a moderately amusing half hour with Roman and Heather than spend a half hour listening to punchline after punchline delivered by characters who could drop from an elevator shaft and I wouldn’t feel a thing (okay, that’s not entirely true. How good are the punchlines?)

Ben finally lets the ball drop and tells Alonso about his relationship with Alice. Then he comes up with a priceless line: “Well the good news is you and I finally have something in common.” The food comes alive when the macaroni romance with the tater tots and potatoes blows up.

Crystal meanwhile has just discovered twitter and with this discovery she suddenly has a knack for running into things, like her son. She fear that Roman’s crazy passive agressiveness will make him, like the rest of her family, crazy letigious (don’t worry, it’s not a racist term. It means they sue a lot.)

Mr Sunshine has yet to reach the standard where I would reccommend it to friends, but I like it. I’m glad Alonso and Alice were given more face time, but its been four episodes since Heather has had a starring role and her crazyness combined with Roman’s sweet bumbling nature is, outside of Janney, the show’s strongest asset.

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