FAIRLY LEGAL “Bridges” Review

Fairly Legal (USA) Bridges

FAIRLY LEGAL “Bridges” Season 1 Episode 10 – I knew this finale was going to be something else when one of the first things that Kate does in the opening scene is call a doctor’s office to check on a pregnancy test.

After that, it’s pretty much like any other episode – with Kate running around trying to solve everyone’s problems but her own. She gets in trouble left and right and no one seems to care (okay, well maybe a few people do but not all of them) that she’s solving all these problems and neglecting herself along the way. Lauren just sees that Kate kept a secret hidden from her and fires her and Justin..wow, Justin.

I’m sorry, but I kinda felt like Justin was being a jerk. Sure Kate dropped a bomb on him but he seems to forget that it’s kinda a bomb for her, too, right? Plus he didn’t even seem to care that she was dealing with the case of a missing little girl. Kate being pregnant (if she had been) wasn’t going to change over the next few hours, so why not let her do what she needed to do and then talk later? Maybe it’s because I’m a woman so I automatically sympathize with her, but I had a hard time understanding Justin’s actions in this episode.

But just when I thought this one was going to end with Kate crying herself to sleep (because, hell, that’s what I would have done after the day she’d just had), she picks herself up and declares that she will be back. It was a fantastic way to end the first season and I felt like she was speaking to all of us fans, promising us a great season
2..which I know hasn’t been announced yet but I like to think positively…Kate taught me that one.

My favorite bits…

Whoa, wait…what?? Pregnancy test?? Okay wow, I so did not see that coming at all.

Justin telling Kate she had a strange look on her face. Uh oh..

Judge Nicastro remarking that Kate being on time was the sign of the end of days.

The judge agreeing that her dad was a great man, but still not giving her any more time. Jeez he’s tough.

Kate accusing the guy of playing dirty pool when he reminded her that it was a little girl they were talking about.

Feeling so bad for that little girl’s father after hearing his story.

The one old guy telling the other old guy that he was gonna have enough gas to get them all the Pittsburgh. Har!

Leo getting out of an awkward situation by claiming that he had something burning…in his head.

Kate’s plan to stop Pete from going up the elevator by pulling the fire alarm backfiring on her when the sprinklers went off.

Leo realizing that he’d become Kate when he had to whistle to be heard over the two griping old guys. LOL.

Kate telling Pete that if he ran away she was going to hunt him down and kill him. Subtle.

Justin forcing Kate to admit that she thought she was pregnant in the middle of a crowded room.

If my day was going like Kate’s, I’m sure I’d say that nearly being thrown in jail or causing an international incident weren’t the worst parts of my day either.

Kate turning on the Jersey accent to keep the two brothers in line. Nice!

Thinking it was so sweet that Nica asked for Kate. Considering how crazy everything was for that poor girl, I can’t say that I blame her.

My heart breaking for that little girl when she said she didn’t want to have to choose.

Kate telling Nica that she could play with anything on Leo’s desk. LOL.

Leo rendering Kate speechless when he solved the problem of the fighting brothers. I gotta admit, his plan was pretty darn brilliant.

Kate pointing out to Pete and the grandmother that they needed to figure out how to share Nica because if they didn’t, someone else was going to for them. Wow, what an amazing way to put that.

Wow, I know Lauren was cold but up until she fired Kate and gave the fact that she didn’t like her as one of the reasons, I never realized just how cold.

Seeing that Leo was able to hear everything going on between Justin and Kate.

“I spend half my time thinking about how much I love you and I spend the other half wishing I’d never met you.” – That has got to be one of the worst things one person has ever said to another person, like, ever.

Judge Nicastro touching Kate’s face and giving her a little rub on the arm when he told her that her dad cast a pretty big shadow. Loving the idea of him as maybe a pseudo father figure next season.

Leo saying that he was cleaning out his desk and work on his graphic novel. Aw! So like him to quit when he found out she was fired.

Kate’s triumphant “I’ll be back!”

What did you think of this episode of Fairly Legal? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • ani

    yup im totes waiting for season 2!!!!
    seriously though i hope she gets back at lauren asap.

    • Anonymous

      I agree!

  • Lstettle

    Thanks for this review because I was wondering if I was alone in thinking Justin was way out of line and not understanding his actions. If this show comes back, I really hope it comes back without Lauren. I hope they have Kate and her brother open their own firm since they have their father’s money. I think this might help the show focus on Kate’s cases which I think is the show’s strength. The Good Wife can be about firm politics and ruthless tactics, but I like that Kate believes in finding resolutions that work for all sides and I find the Lauren conflict throws the show out of balance. Plus, I want her to lose Justin because she can’t count on him to listen to her.

    • Anonymous

      Hm…..interesting thought about Kate and her brother starting up their own firm. That could be interesting actually.

      Oh but don’t get me wrong. I don’t want Justin to leave, but he definitely has some serious making up to do.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for blogging.

    I so disagree with the reader who wants Justin to go – NO, NO, NO, – keep Justin. I love him and the dynamics between him and Kate.

    While I see where you are coming from that Justin should have been more patient, I’m not sure I agree with you. I know its her job but Kate does tend to put everyone before Justin and their relationship.

    Yes, wasn’t Lauren cold? My goodness me, and I do agree that it does seem an unnecessary complication to the storylines to have her there without really adding anything. I don’t think that – providing the show comes back – we have seen the last of that whole issue though.

    I will miss this show a lot, it has been great.

    On the bright side In Plain Sight will be back and that’s another favorite.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! I love the dynamics between Justin and Kate too, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get mad at him when I think he’s a big, fat meany. LOL.

      No I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Lauren by a long shot, if it does come back.

      Well I’ve never seen In Plain Sight but I am excited for Covert Affairs, which will be back again soon too.

      • I second Chris1215tine, you should give In Plain Sight a try, I think you would like it, especially the character of Marshall 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Really? Hm…well now I’m intrigued. Perhaps I’ll put it on my DVR and give it a look-see then.

  • Anonymous

    Give In Plain Sight a try. Its fun!

    • Anonymous

      Okay I will! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Overall I can understand Justin’s reaction. Kate has put him on an emotional roller coaster for the entirety of their post married relationship. This was just the final tipping point. As busy as you may be you don’t just drop this type of bombshell on a guy and then leave without any chance to talk about it. The simple fact is she takes him for granted and needs to stop.

    As for Kate I think she really needs to stop trying to be Wonder Woman and fixing everyone’s problems without looking at her own. She could easily stand on her own two feet without Reed and Reed. Does she know how lucky she is to have a Judge essentially make her his go to mediator. He may sound harsh yet he keeps rehiring her. His actions speak louder than his words. She needs to stop being late and live up the expectations the judge has set for her.

    She also apparently has the whole diplomatic world talking about how good her services are. another steady source of income she has created for her self without needing her fathers help. plus she gets profits as a 25% shareholder of her father’s firm allowing her a steady source of income.

    Finally I really can’t blame Lauren because I would not put it past Kate to fire her is she was the boss. They really shouldn’t be working together and as I stated above, Kate has all the skills necessary to make it on her own.

    • Anonymous

      Very good points you made there. It’s true that Kate does need to take responsibility for her part in what happened between her and Justin, too.

  • Guino88

    I can’t wait to see what they do with the next season. I loved that they left a cliffhanger for Kate to come back and some how beat the crap out of whatever Lauren is trying to pull. I feel like there is another motive going on there.

    I hated that Justin was a jerk but it was kind of a rollercoaster for both of them and if it were reversed we would hate what Kate is doing to Justin. I hope that it comes back because I would like to see the changes Kate is going to have to make to fix her life.