Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior “Devotion”, Season 1 Episode 6 – Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior had possibly it’s most disturbing opening yet this week with “Devotion”. Granted this is only the sixth episode, but still this is possibly the best opening in terms of gut-wrenching loss that was done so well by the original Criminal Minds.

Speaking of the original Criminal Minds, the way that that show originally set itself apart from the rest of the crime procedurals at the time it originally debuted was that every episode was very specific as to exactly what kind of killer they were dealing with. They used actual terminology to describe the psychology behind the killers, they used examples of actual murderers to demonstrate, and they did that cheesy “Changing backgrounds” trick to illustrate their profiles. This show, on the other hand, basically just has Forest Whitaker acting all creepy when he’s getting into the mind of the killer. Even though he overacts the heck out of these scenes, it really doesn’t compare to what the original show did to differentiate it from other procedurals.

While I was excited to see Garcia with Cooper for the first time, I’m still looking for some better interaction between the team members. I liked the scenes between Beth and Mick in this episode, and I felt like the scene where Gina explained to Cooper why she didn’t want a family was nice because it was nice to see her…you know…emote. However, they’re still a long way from establishing the rapport that people are used to in procedurals.

Overall I enjoyed this episode. The reveal that the Unsub was lugging around his dead sister was quite a shock, and the ending was pretty thrilling. This episode wasn’t quite as good as “See No Evil”, which I still think is the benchmark episode of this short-lived series. However, it took a small but deliberate step in the right direction.

Random Thoughts:

– Matt Ryan’s accent always sounds so fake to me. He was born in Wales so I assume it’s not, but it still just sounds goofy to me. Also, he has the same name of the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, which confuses me every time I see the name in the credits.

– I liked when Beth told Mick that Sam wanted him to sniff the bed. His face was priceless.

– When I saw a bullet hole in the window in the last scene, I thought for sure that the Unsub was getting shot. Pretty odd to see a dead girl getting shot in the head.