ANTM Rachel Zoe (CW)

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL “Rachel Zoe” Cycle 16 Episode 5 – Another week another episode of the most underrated show on television. Last week saw the tragic departure of whatsherface, this week we will be seeing another model being kicked out of the nest by Tyra’s booty. Cross your fingers and pray Alexandria remains as photogenic as she is bitchy.

“I don’t like when people don’t get me,” Alexandria moans after the judges called her out for being too bossy last week. We are treated to “woe is me, troubled childhood excuse 101” which is, frankly, a huge cliche on Top Model, so thankfully Molly’s rash intervenes. Poor Molly, destined to be known as the one with the awful weave, destined to become a cautionary tale for young models in pursuit of Tyra’s infamous makeover.

The challenge of the week is possibly the craziest yet: the models are to be divided into three groups of three and shoot a video presentation: only one of the girls will be the on screen subject, the other two are in the writing and directing department. Yeesh.

Alexandria proves to be predictably amusing, Mikaela manages to curse, but unlike Dalya she remembers why she’s there and her team (thanks also to Kasia’s writing and Britanni’s directing) win the challenge.

Feeling bitter against Alexandria, Monique and Molly decide to read her diary. You have to give credit where its due, and thankfully Tyra and her crew had the good taste to snip out any passages which may have been read aloud.

The photoshoot is awesome: the girls pose in fake furs by Rachel Zoe with a baby jaguar. All Alexandria-cat related jokes can be filed in the comments below.

The judges rave about Hannah’s photo, they also love Brittani and Jaclyn’s. Overall, the murato hogged the limelight.

First called out is Hannah, then Brittani. The bottom two are weave-rash Molly and Dalya, and Dalya is sent home. Oh Dalya, we hardly knew ye.

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