THE MIDDLE “Spring Cleaning” Review

THE MIDDLE (ABC) "Spring Cleaning"

THE MIDDLE “Spring Cleaning” Season 2 Episode 18 – The Hecks go “full Oprah” as they empty their home of clutter in the “Spring Cleaning episode of Hoarders THE MIDDLE.

I think I would have assumed the Hecks had been robbed, too. I love this whole messy episode. It captures the “joy” of cleaning and how the projects always balloon to ridiculous heights. “The dining room table is a clean zone. It’s been inoculated.” Frankie speaks truth there and I love the jabs at the Oprahness of our lives.

Oh, my: a pro/con list about marrying Frankie. “Uh-oh.” You think? While I appreciate that Mike put a lot of thought into such a big decision, how on earth did he not know to burn the evidence? I mean; come on! Love the con list, though. “Chatty. ‘That’s from back when I thought I had to listen to everything you said.'” Of course Frankie would make her own list. “Are you saying I married up?” There is no good way to answer that question.

Brick doing his best Lucy Van Pelt is awesome, and I just wish have a beagle had wandered by to complete the effect. “Word around the park is that you can answer any question.” Brick has a rep! I’m so proud of him and why am I not surprised that the first place he looks to learn about divorce is a woman’s magazine? Now take it away from him before he’s too warped. This is a terrific way to wrap up Frankie and Mike’s fight while both grounding it and putting it in a larger context.

So, Sue and the curlers. “Oh, I’m sorry, Sue. I didn’t know you were out of your FREAKING MIND!” The entire exchange with Sue babbling that she knows it sounds crazy that her curlers feelings would be hurt and Frankie using the tone reserved for crazy people to tell her that a nice straight-haired homeless man will get them is hilarious, while Axl’s horrified/fascinated expression during the whole thing is priceless. Has there ever been a more adorably awkward girl on TV? Sue just puts everything out there for the world to see. “But the voice-the voice haunts me.” Of course, I probably shouldn’t mention that when I was a kid, I rotated my stuffed animals so none of them felt left out.

The Middle, even at its most fabulously absurd, really does capture the quirks of marriage and family in fresh and fun ways. It’s a sharply written show that remembers its own history (‘Reservoir Dogs’–hee!) and has such affection for all its characters that I think it would be impossible for me not to love them, too.

Favorite lines:

“We’re criminally messy.”

“Let’s start cleaning up the crap!” “Everything we have is crap.”

“Nothing comes back through the door unless you convince me that you truly love it and need it.” “Sue, go outside.”

“You had all these in your room and you still watched me eat pot roast out of a measuring cup last night?”

“Well, the blender crushes ice and turns off when I want it to.”

“We’re allowed to go there?” “Oh, go there.” “I’m not going there.”

“In the case of Scarlett Johannson and Ryan Reynolds it was distance–and egos.”

What did you think of “Spring Cleaning?” Any favorite lines or moments? Is anyone else inspired to do some spring cleaning of their own? Let me know in the comments.

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