THE GOOD WIFE “Ham Sandwich” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "Ham Sandwich" CBS

THE GOOD WIFE “Ham Sandwich” Season 2 Episode 17 – This is the perfect example of why I love television. This is a show which is fast paced, smart, engaging, witty, funny, sad, scary in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. In an age where the best television shows are trumping the best movies, The Good Wife is one of the best television dramas out there.

The case of the week tied in nicely with the main storyline involving Kalinda (oh, we’ll get to that!). The kingpin drug dealer Lemond Bishop’s wife was seeking a divorce. I never warmed to Bishop as a villain, hoping that the writers would give him the devious material needed to form an emotional…maybe bond is the wrong word. Respect? Form an emotional respect for the psycho villain? Perhaps. Well anyways, Bond never garnered respect as a major villain (he never got the material to do so), but in one fell swoop Lemond Bishop is turning into a truly dirty bastard. When his wife’s lawyer accused him of murdering her (this episode featured some excellent guest roles from The Wire alumni, from Bishop’s financial…eh…manager JD Williams to Bishop’s wife’s lawyer Pablo Shreiber) his cold hearted, evil smirk-merely scenes after his lovely son’s testimony melted all of our hearts-elevated him instantly into Big Baddie territory. Bishop has been kept mostly in the distant background. I sincerely hope this episode is the beginning of moving him closer to the front.

Grace’s storyline with Pastor Isaiah and Eli Gold was another example of the mature, clever and unique storylines The Good Wife confronts with disarming frequency. A lesser drama would have centred an entire episode round Eli’s white washing campaign strategy (never mind even going near the “was Jesus black?” question. The Good Wife manages it in about three great scenes. I mean, race, politics and religion mixed into a plot involving an intelligent teenager with an aversion to alcohol who has shown no compulsion to shoot up the school or whore herself out to boys or fashion labels on a network television show? Run! The viewers’ heads will explode!

But The Good Wife does not run away from such stories, and thankfully CBS is there to support one of the best legal dramas ever. Kalinda’s back story has finally been reveal, and what an awesome revelation. For a show which prides itself with twists and turns, this was one for the records. No, it’s not Kalinda’s troubled past catching up with her. It’s not an old boyfriend with a grudge. The Good Wife scoffs at such dramatic clichés. For almost two seasons The Good Wife has drawn out Alicia and Kalinda’s relation, culminating with tonight’s revelation:

Kalinda slept with Peter Florrick.


So far the only people who know are Kalinda, Peter and Blake. We don’t know who courted whom. Presumably Alicia will find out soon enough, but this leads to all sorts of questions. Kalinda has shown a great deal of loyalty towards Alicia. Now we know that this was due to some feeling of compunction. How will Alicia react? Undoubtedly this will cause a greater rift between Alicia and Peter. Because of the series’ title, it is hard to imagine Alicia actually getting a divorce. She’ll want what is best for her kids. Plus, she’s already been on a long, rocky road towards forgiving him (but never forgetting). She knows he slept with other women. The problem is that she thought those other women were strippers and prostitutes, not the intelligent and loyal Kalinda, in whom Alicia has placed her faith and trust countless times. Then of course the question still begs to be asked: why did Kalinda change her identity? Was her affair with Peter calculated or passionate?

This is an awesome freaking show.

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