SURVIVOR: REDEMPTION ISLAND (2011) “Their Red-Headed Stepchild” Review


Survivor: Redemption Island “Their Red-Headed Stepchild”, Season 22 Episode 6 – This week’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island started off with a strange opening scene. I praised last week’s episode for having a funny opening, and then this week’s episode, “Their Red-Headed Stepchild”, cemented in my mind that the “Post-Tribal Fallout” is always boring to watch. So Steve is all upset that Stephanie voted for him at tribal. Um, what was she supposed to do? Was she supposed to vote for Krista, the only other person in her alliance? How about you not get so easily offended by a couple of doomed competitors writing your name down?

While I was initially excited about the idea of Redemption Island, I’m a little disappointed that the duels are just retreads of Survivor games that we’ve already seen. Only having two competitors should theoretically open up the field for a host of new games to be invented and played, but instead we just get a bunch of challenges that we’ve already seen, this time just played by two people.

Here’s the thing about the whole firewood drama between Phillip and Ashley. Both sides here have very valid points. What Phillip is saying is true: The girls at the camp don’t do a lot of work and it’s not fair. On the other hand though, what Boston Rob is saying is true: They’re 19 and 20 year old girls, and if they’re not gonna be hard workers then yelling at them isn’t going to encourage them to do anything. I actually side with Rob on this one. Why not get the work done, stay as everybody’s friend and not make a stink at camp, and then when people are voting for a winner they will automatically pick the one who was the hardest worker around camp? However, I do love me some Phillip craziness.

The reward/immunity challenge was yet another challenge remake. I know that they can’t come up with a brand new challenge for every game for over 22 seasons, but not being such a blatant rip-off is all I ask. Fortunately, it’s a blatant rip-off from one of my favorite challenges of all time from Survivor: Tocantins. Although, with no JT present to dominate the challenge, Grant dominated this time with 4 of the 5 scores. The reward was your basic meal with a view with a hidden clue which everybody knows about, nothing special. What was special was Phillip busting out with yet another awesome speech! Hell hath no fury like a gorilla and a lion when they’ve been provoked!

Stephanie did lay on the intensity a little too thick at tribal, and it ended up spelling the end for her. While I think she’s a cute little firecracker, I don’t think she’s going to be good enough in the duel to knock out Matt next week. We’ll see!

Random Thoughts:

– I like how Andrea thought that Matt was such a shady character after she found out he was such a strong believer. She might as well have said “I thought I had such a strong bond with him, but now I found out he’s a little too religious to be trusted”.

– So Phillip was only a federal agent for four and a half years? That doesn’t seem all that long for how proud he is of serving his country. Not to belittle his service or anything, but the way he talks about it makes it sound like he served for 30 or 40 years.

– How useless were the “Next week on Survivor” scenes? Everybody’s suffering from mental fatigue…and…I guess that’s it.