Off The Map’s Jason George to Guest Star on CASTLE

OFF THE MAP "There's Nothing to Fix" Episode 9

Off The Map is about to lose one of its super hot docs. But don’t worry folks, it’s only temporary. reports that Jason George (who plays Dr. Otis Cole on OTF) is ditching the South American jungle and heading back home for a guest spot on ABC’s CASTLE.

The episode, titled ‘To Love and Die in L.A.’ has Beckett flying out to Tinsel Town in pursuit of the killer of her former mentor on the force. Castle tags along (of course) to help his partner and also takes the opportunity to stop by the set of Heat Wave.

George is set to play the part of an entrepreneur who meets the pair along the way, and he proves “to be a key character in solving their new case,” a source reveals.

Previously announced guest star Dominic Purcell (Prison Break) is also set to appear in the episode, playing a movie producer.

I don’t know about you folks, but as a diehard Castle fan, I’m thinking a visit to Hollywood is gonna be nothing but fun. I only wish that Ryan and Esposito could go along too.

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