OFF THE MAP “Everything’s As It Should Be” Review

Off The Map

OFF THE MAP “Everything’s As It Should Be” Season 1 Episode 11 – An old friend of Ben’s shows up with a patient in need of a kidney transplant and everyone at the clinic thinks they’ve just gotten their first chance to do something amazing at their little jungle hospital. The only trouble is that the guy’s patient was paying someone to give their kidney to him. Not only that, but he had actually brokered the deal and was getting a bunch of money himself. When the patient dies, Ben kicks his friend out but not before the man brings up some very good points about what he was doing to his wife.

Meanwhile Tommy and Mina are doing a pretty good job at keeping things normal, until a new man charms his way into Mina’s heart and makes Tommy realize that he doesn’t want her with anyone else. He doesn’t get the chance to say it before catching the two lovebirds canoodling in the shower.

But while Tommy’s getting his heart broken, both Zita and Lily decide that enough is enough and each take their men back – Lily over dinner and Zita in a supply closet.

My favorite bits….

Lily enjoying the fact that Mina and Tommy were being all normal again and bickering like they should.

Mina reminding Tommy that the chicken had a name and that name was Dinner.

Mateo’s mom trying to play matchmaker with Lily and her son.

Charlie bringing Lily the news that Ben wanted her to scrub in on the transplant.

Pher walking up to Mina…with his toes in his hand!!! Eek!

Cole’s imitation of Jonas and Ben. LOL.

Pher asking Tommy if Mina was single..and him saying no. Uh oh.

Lily finding out that the kidney transplant was being done for money. Whoa.

Tommy making fun of Pher as a shortening of Christopher. Actually, I think “Pher” is kind of a cute name.

Cole reporting to Zita that the old man wasn’t being abused, he was getting laid. Ha!

Jonas claiming that he didn’t know a thing about the transplant being for money? Yeah right, I’m not buying that one at all.

Jonas admitting he was getting paid himself and had brokered the deal. Yep, that’s pretty much what I figured.

The girl admitting that she may have been sorry that the man died, but not that she’d taken a shot.

Cracking up when Pher said that his foot looked like it was saying “hang loose.” (Okay I know he’s totally annoying, but I’m kinda digging Pher. He’s a total goofball.)

The woman leaving her father in the care of his lover, so she could go to Rio and have a little time to herself. I don’t begrudge her that at all.

Tommy admitting to Lily that he didn’t want Mina dating anyone else and her telling him to take his shot.

Jonas accusing Ben of using one of the most talented doctors he’s ever known, as an ATM machine. Ouch.

Mateo’s mom faking being sick so that she could invite Lily to dinner.

Lily taking her chance and kissing Mateo. Good for her!

Pher telling Mina that he had buried his toes by the river and was pretty sure that a squirrel had eaten one, which was okay because of the Circle of Life and all that. LOL!

Cole and Zita demonstrating a position for the old man and his lady…and then doing the deed for real in the supply closet. Nice.

What did you think of this episode of Off The Map? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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