MODERN FAMILY “Boys’ Night” Review


MODERN FAMILY “Boys’ Night” Season 2 Episode 18 – Jay at Mitchell and Cam’s boys’ night, Haley babysitting Lily, and Phil fondling Luke’s new friend make for a terrific “Boys’ Night” episode of MODERN FAMILY.

There is nothing better on a Wednesday night in the middle of a long, crazy week than laughing like a lunatic. Thank you, Modern Family, for being at the top of your game tonight. Jay at boys’ night and having fun is inspired. I wasn’t sure about Pepper the first time around, but I absolutely love him, Crispin, and Longinus here. “Justin, more booze!” So much fun. I’m not sure why I find the musical chairs so hilarious, but I do, and so many of Cam and Mitchell’s stories lately have involved them bickering that watching them get their gay on is a treat. Throw in Jay being accepting of Mitchell and Mitchell having an epiphany about his relationship with his dad, and I’m a happy camper. The trick is to keep plying Jay with liquor because “Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.” For the record, as much as I would love to party with Pepper in the gang, I would also beg Gloria to fake a headache to avoid the drive to the desert, too, so Mitchell shouldn’t take it too much to heart. Love that he keeps smiling tightly while telling his dad he has to go so he can hold onto his new comfort with their relationship. Perfect cranky phone toss, too. Hee. Oh, and the sentimental talking head actually being about Rob Lowe-genius.

“Just so you know-a lot of people think I’m adorable.” I know I do, Luke. While Manny is the king of the dry wit and snark, Luke is the adorable goofball of the group who keeps getting funnier. Admittedly, “We have oxygen in our house too, but we don’t need tanks” may be too dumb even for him, but it still has me rolling, especially when he holds his breath to go in the house. I’m a mush for kids making friends with old people, so I love this plot so much. Plus we get awesome physical comedy from Phil and Claire when they break into Walt’s house. Those two have impeccable comedic timing and play off each other brilliantly. “Oh, God, he’s seen my sexy dance.” Oh, Phil.

Note to self: Don’t piss off Gloria. She’s not in the episode much, but she more than makes her mark. “Oh, ow my head–I just had some ice cream.” Way to hold a grudge. Hee. Both of Haley’s righteously indignant rants at Cam are hilarious, and I love how he nonchalantly hands her Dylan’s shoes. “Don’t tell my mom.” “Buckle up.” Ha! Love shoeless Dylan saying “Uncleses,” too. I’m so glad he and Haley are back together. Maybe he’ll write her another song.

This is a first-rate episode of Modern Family with three plots that work well both on their own and together and are just plain funny. Everything clicks, we see different sides of the characters, and the entire episode has a sense of joyous fun. There’s even a wonderfully random Joey McIntyre reference, so all cylinders really are firing. I only wish we could have seen part of Jay’s day with Pepper. That’s now on my wish list for a future episode.

Favorite lines:

“Are the movie rights still available to that story?”

“I’m still growing into my tongue.”

“That’s your big solution? Embrace ignorance?” “What’s going on? Never mind–I don’t want to know.”

“He likes to melt stuff. Like you’re so perfect!”

“I’m gonna walk like a man as fast as I can to that bar over there.”

“Don’t let a serial killer in the front door.” “But what if he’s cute?” “Then save him for us.”

“Are you saying I’m a pervert? No! Probably not”

What did you think of “Boys’ Night?” Any favorite lines or moments? Anyone else curious about Phil’s sexy dance? Let me know in the comments.

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