JUSTIFIED “Save My Love” Review


JUSTIFIED “Save My Love” Season 2 Episode 7 – Last week Raylan went out of his way to help Winona get back the $100 bill that she took from evidence. She thanked him profusely and we all thought that was it until she wakes up the next morning and realizes the bill she took wasn’t in with the ones he managed to sneak out of the building. Oh and she also admits that she didn’t just take the one bill, she took the whole lot.

After that, Murphy’s Law goes into full effect and everything that could possibly go wrong does, as more and more people discover that the bill is missing and every time the two of them try to put the money back where it belongs, something gets in their way. Hell, there was even a bomb threat to makes things extra interesting. In the end they get the bag back, but not before being spotted by Mullen so I’m thinking we haven’t heard the last of that money.

Meanwhile Boyd is asked to head up security for the mining company that fired him. It seems like an odd job until we see that the woman who hired him wants him for more than just a bodyguard. Seems she needs a man of his special skill set to help them deal with the Bennett Clan. I am in love with this for so many reasons, first of all it puts Boyd in a suit and secondly it’s gonna put hm up against the Bennetts and I can’t think of much that would be better than that.

My favorite bits..

Raylan admitting that the only reason he wasn’t hitting Winona over the head with the phone book was because he knew how sorry she was. Hey, at least he was honest about it.

My jaw pretty much dropping into my lap when Carol offered Boyd a job in security for the mine.

Cracking up when Carol said she was gonna take Boyd to Penny’s to buy him a suit.

Rachel calling Raylan a bad boy and him asking her to be more specific because he got that a lot. Haw.

Mullen asking Raylan why everything had to be about age with him.

This line from Mullen: “Did they make fun of you? Did they hurt your feelings?” (the look on his face when he said it was priceless)

The expressions that went across Raylan’s face when he watched the footage from the robbery and saw exactly how the woman he cared about got treated.

Boyd. In a Suit. I have nothing more to say. *swoon*

Raylan pulling the “oops, wrong button” routine so that he could be alone in the elevator.

The fact that Raylan’s only response to Winona’s entire story was “Wow.”

The judge telling Winona that he knew fifty men in the building who would love to sniff her dirty gym clothes. LOL…and, ew.

The judge asking Winona if she really had managed to find someone better than Raylan. Aw.

Raylan walking into the courtroom to find Boyd sitting there. The look of confusion on his face was nothing short of classic.

Raylan telling Boyd he liked the suit (twice). You and me both Raylan, you and me both.

Boyd offering to help Raylan look for explosives. LOL, that was awesome.

Laughing so very hard when, after hearing Raylan talk about whether or not he trusted Boyd, Carol said it sounded like a love story.

Stressing out over that damn bag almost as much as Raylan and Winona. Watching it get passed around just about gave me a freaking heart attack.

Getting to see the look of terror in Raylan’s eyes in the half second before the elevator doors closed, when Rachel told him one of the bills had popped.

Finding out that there was a box of counterfeit beanie babies stuck down in the evidence locker. So THAT’S where they went…um, I mean..

Raylan taking Mullen’s bet that the money wouldn’t be in the locker.

The judge coming out without his pants on when they started evacuating the building. Well, at least he had some of his clothes on.

Literally saying “Oh shit!” when one of the cops walked into Winona’s office and saw the bag of money sitting there.

Really enjoying the way they shot some of the scene where Raylan and the rest of the team approached the truck. The handheld stuff from far away made it feel very real.

This bit:
Raylan: “I’m surprised to see you here.”
Boyd: “Without shackles or an attorney present? It’s a little strange for me, too.”

Breathing a sigh of relief when Winona finally put that bag away.

The deep breath Boyd took when he found out that Carol wanted him to go after Mags Bennett and her boys.

Mullen catching Raylan and Winona in the evidence lockup. I’m fairly certain he knows or is at least suspicious of what they were up to. Oh boy.

What did you think of this episode of Justified? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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