THE EVENT “A Message Back” Review

The Event 'A Message Back'

THE EVENT “A Message Back” Season 1 Episode 14 – Thomas recieves a reply to the message he broadcast and it’s not good news. His home planet’s sun is about to go supernova, necessitating the transport to earth of millions of people instead of thousands. Meanwhile, Martinez’s people track down Sophia and, by extension, two hundred other aliens, including Thomas. Sean and Vicky con their way into a fundraiser and try to get answers out of the vice-president about Dempsey, but all he knows is that Dempsey has gone to France.

The less that happens, the more I enjoy The Event. I was entertained by this week’s episode and it seemed to pass by surprisingly quickly. That said, nothing actually happened and my enjoyment of the show this week was more because it passed an hour while I knitted than because it busted out awesome plotlines.

Martinez and his people trying to track down Sophia made me laugh this week. They mentioned that all they needed to pinpoint her was a phonecall to or from her cellphone – and yet none of them bothered to actually try calling her. If they’re tracking her, they have her number, so how hard would it have been for them to use a random cellphone or even a phonebooth somewhere in town to call her? Eventually, however, they found her and tracked her to a church where Thomas was holding a meeting of the aliens.

Thomas’ big news was an anticlimax. It was pretty much just an elevation of his plan – upping the amount of aliens to be transported to earth. The fact that they’re doing it because their sun is starting to go supernova doesn’t actually mean anything to the audience, I suspect. We have no emotional connection to the alien’s home planet or their people – hell, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Thomas or Sophia themselves most of the time. I think The Event has forgotten that we don’t really know why Sophia and co came here in the first place.

Why did Thomas risk bringing everyone together to deliver the news anyway? Given the current events, wouldn’t it make more sense to err on the side of caution and keep everyone divided as much as possible? I know delivering bad news in person is only polite, but even so, it still seemed a bit stupid to me.

Aren’t Vicky and Sean badass? I’m not sure what they think they can achieve, just the two of them against a billionaire, a vice president, and god only knows who else, but it’s fun to watch. Will they go to France to track down Dempsey? Let’s start counting down the days until the bad greenscreen shot of Vicky and Sean in front of the Eiffel Tower, shall we?

The most interesting scenes in this episode involved both Martinez and VP Jarvis. Martinez knows Jarvis is, for all intents and purposes, the enemy, but he has no proof that Jarvis wanted him dead and so has to work alongside him. Or not, as the case may be, because Martinez is becoming more unstable by the episode and Jarvis is bound to use this against him somehow, sooner or later. Isn’t he?

But there’s a glaring plot hole in the last few episodes of The Event. Simon Lee. He was in all the important meetings in the first half of the season and he should probably have been involved in the bid to track down Sophia – so why wasn’t he? Of course, this means Sophia isn’t alerted to her cellphone being tracked and, okay, maybe that aids the plot, but it still comes across as sloppy writing. Here’s a suggestion, The Event: kill him. He’s extraneous and you have too many characters. It’s time you tightened up this ship.

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