THE CHICAGO CODE “Black Hand And The Shotgun Man” Review

THE CHICAGO CODE Black Hand and the Shotgun Man Episode 7 (4)

THE CHICAGO CODE “Black Hand And The Shotgun Man” Season 1 Episode 7 – A drug dealer’s son is kidnapped and before the Chicago police force hand him over to the FBI, they are determined to free his boy. Meanwhile, Wysocki’s family troubles have to be hashed out and Liam finally gets closer to Gibbons.

This was a fine episode of The Chicago Code. Not fine as in “what a fine piece of chicken”, but fine as in meh. Fine as in I will be depending on the ‘previously on The Chicago Code…’ segment to remember what happened. Fine as in “I cannot believe a show with this much freakin’ potential is this blah!” That sort of fine.

Liam gets closer to Gibbons. Unfortunately Liam has zero charisma and could not hold his own on screen. No, I do not mean his scenes were stolen by Lindo, whose charisma is the only reason his character works at all. I mean both Gibbons and Liam had their scenes stolen right out of their hands by a thing called Liam’s jean jacket. I am not known for my fashion savvy, but Liam’s jean jacket is the real star of the show. And not in a good way. Why would a chauffeur in a fancy dancy car wear a jean jacket? Doesn’t he realise it is not 1995? He was just given a wad of cash for torching a house. Get a new jacket.

Liam killed a man by torching the house he was in. The man’s death is being used in a not at all subtle way by Gibbons to blackmail Liam. Therefore Liam’s desire to take Gibbons down is at an all time high. Thank you spoon feed writing.

Would it not have been far more interesting to have Liam succumb to Gibbons’ disarmingly idealistic and familial philosophy? Would it not have made more sense, drama wise, to use Liam’s crime later in the series, to more effect?

I loved the breakdown of the Wysocki relationship scenes, though I really wish they would do away with the jarring narrations. The drug dealer case of the week was a little too on the nose-with Wysocki looking on forlornly from the hospital door as he watches a father separate himself from his wife and child to protect them. The revelation of Wysocki’s young fiancée was pretty disappointing.

As much as I love Adam Arkin, I wish Colvin would be given more to do than supervise Wysocki. I wish the show would start branching out into multi episode arcs.

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