NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Animal” Review

NO ORDINARY FAMILY (ABC) - No Ordinary Animal

NO ORDINARY FAMILY “No Ordinary Animal” Season 1 Episode 18 – Enter lurking guy #2 on NO ORDINARY FAMILY. Tonight’s episode “No Ordinary Animal” re-introduces us to the family’s powers and how great they work together as a family unit, along with their sidekicks extraordinaire.

Mrs. X hires Lucas to kill “the supers,” whether or not they are on her list. So far Lucy Lawless’ guest role has been rather cushy, but my goodness does she look gorgeous sitting in the limo. We learn that Mrs. X is Global Tech’s CEO and not too happy with Dr. King letting “the supers” walk around in public. It’s satisfying to see Dr. King in a sweat-inducing, subordinate role.

Wolf-man roams the streets, hunting and killing off people with powers. Lurking guy #1 Mr. Litchfield is no competition in the scary department, though he does have Lucas beat with the menacing eyes, considering they aren’t courtesy of the makeup artist.

JJ has just unknowingly helped Dr. King learn how to develop “power permanence.” Is this a good or bad thing for the Powells whose powers are supposedly permanent?

Lucas sniffs out Katie, who learns that she can telekinetically move objects, like propelling Lucas into a car. She uses her powers when she was afraid and agitated, so I guess her emotions galvanize the powers. Plus her pregnancy and connection to Joshua are helpful, too. It is fun to watch Katie try to get her powers to work. I am actually excited about this, because I would love to see Josh Stewart back. But then what’s next? A power pet?

Lucas attacks Stephanie who almost dies. Who would so easily trust a guy who just transformed into a raving beast? Stop, get back, nooo! Groan, saw that coming a mile away. I see where JJ gets his poor judgment skills. Though in recent episodes of No Ordinary Family, Daphne has had more questionable reasoning, randomly using her powers and going off with a strange guy in tonight’s episode. I mean stranger Lucas, not Chris. But I do think Chris is starting to have too much fun with Daphne’s powers. At least she wonders whether she is overusing them.

Learning Stephanie has a drug-resistant bacteria, Jim takes her to Dr. King. (How exactly did JJ figure out the type of infection?) I can’t believe Dr. King was playing dumb at first, until Jim shouts, “You know who we are and we know what you are doing.” So get over yourself. Dr. King decides that the only solution is to inject Stephanie with trilsettum. Or more accurately, Jim steps up to inject Stephanie with the serum. Next up, time travel.

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