NCIS “Out of the Frying Pan” Review

NCIS (CBS) Out of the Frying Pan

NCIS “Out of the Frying Pan” Season 8 Episode 18 – This was probably, hands down, one of the most unique episodes of NCIS that I’ve seen yet. Vance does a favor for a friend and volunteers Team Gibbs to help with a case that Metro PD was unable to convict.

What happened after that was so different than what we normally see on this show that I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. First up, Vance putting Gibbs on the case because he was one of the best interrogators was fantastic. I’d always wondered if Gibbs was as good as I thought he was. I mean sure we see him getting those confessions and certainly his team gives him credit for being a damn good interrogator, but to hear it from Vance and to know that others feel that way, too – it made me feel like everything I’ve thought about Gibbs was right all along.

And can we just talk about the awesomeness that was the tag-team interrogating between Tony and Gibbs? I feel like we’ve been a little light on scenes with those two for part of this season, but this episode made up for it nicely. The fact that Tony was the first person Gibbs called and the only one, besides Vance, that he let into the room with him (and I suspect that Vance’s being there wasn’t so much Gibbs’ idea as Vance’s), it once again felt like us fans were being proved right. We all know that Gibbs and Tony have been together the longest of anyone on the team and it makes sense that they would be able to get a job done like that. Getting to see it was a real treat.

I feel like I could talk about this one all night and I know I tend to always be positive in my reviews (it’s just how I am), so maybe it’s hard to tell sometimes when I *really* like something. So let me assure you all…I really, really liked this episode and it’s got me very excited to see what’s coming up for the rest of this season.

My favorite bits..

Ziva very pointedly asking if Tony had spoken to EJ.

Vance giving the team an assignment? Huh?

Gibbs telling Tony to “stand down, Skippy.” Wow, I don’t think we’ve ever heard Gibbs call Tony that one before.

Vance admitting that Gibbs was one of the best interrogators in town. Damn right he is!

Whoa, hang on! Did Gibbs call Tony “Loverboy” over the phone when he ordered him to interrogation or was that just me? Wow, two nicknames in one episode.

Gibbs and Tony pulling the good cop/bad cop routine, but with Tony playing bad cop. So cool the way Tony kept pushing hard about the evidence, but Gibbs was chatting with him about little things like his hands. All of it perfectly designed to get Nick flustered and admit something.

Abby calling McGee “Honey” and welcoming him home to their lovely, bloody home.

Abby telling McGee that the blood-soaked tablet needed a “Timmy touch.” LOL.

Tony telling Vance that he felt sorry for any guy who dated his daughter. Oh yeah, me too.

Gibbs nudging Nick with his foot to make him look at his father’s pictures.

Ziva catching McGee snooping in EJ’s desk. Yep, I’m with her, Tony has totally been an influence on him.

Gibbs ordering McGee to stay out of EJ’s drawers. Haw.

Tony and Gibbs catching Nick in a lie when he thought the scene Tony had made up was real.

Gibbs getting Nick to admit that he couldn’t say for certain that he hadn’t killed his father. Wow.

Abby describing the tablet as being like a zombie and ordering “Dr. McFrankenstein” to turn it on.

Gibbs telling McGee to take Ziva with him to get the truth out of the doctor.

Listening to the message that Nick left on the doctor’s voice mail.

Gibbs reminding Vance that they were bringing down a kid, not a tree.

Just when I thought that Tony and Gibbs were doing a good job at taking turns playing bad cop, Vance goes in and blows them both out of the water.

Nick asking for Gibbs when Vance started going after him.

The look on Gibbs face when Vance told Nick that his father was a friend of his.

Vance getting Nick to admit he killed his father and was glad he was dead. Holy..cow.

Totally agreeing with Gibbs, I suddenly didn’t believe Nick either.

Ziva, Tony and McGee watching Nick’s confession.

That entire conversation between Gibbs and Vance in his office.

The way Gibbs said Nick was either a bad liar or a bad vegan.

Knowing that Nick was wearing a wire when he went to see his mom and got her to confess.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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