MARCEL’S QUANTUM KITCHEN “Walk on the Wild Side” Review

Marcel's Quantum Kitchen (SyFy)  "Walk on the Wild Side"
MARCEL’s QUANTUM KITCHEN “Walk on the Wild Side” Episode 1 – Cooking meets science, or at least cooking gets playful and has fun with science on a new cooking show on SyFy. That’s right. SyFy. In the series opener of MARCEL’S QUANTUM KITCHEN “Walk On the Wild Side” Marcel Vigneron and his team (Devon, Jarrid and Robyn) are hired by Carlton for an event supporting the Wild Life Way Station. As his first major event, he and his team have a lot to prove, and of course, things aren’t going to run smoothly. Chester, the party planner hired by Carlton is less than cooperative. Robyn, the newest member if the team, is anxious to please, but not working out well in the kitchen and the client is on her way for a tasting.

Of course, there are even more adventures before we get to the actual tasting, including tomato water foam, beefy short-rib bark and an oven preheating. Why do I mention that? Oh, well, why did they have Marcel say “Make sure you check the oven!” as Devon turned it on. Why? Because, of course, there is something in there. The client is not overjoyed (or at least seemingly) at the tasting and things look grim, especially after the team arrives for the first time at the venue. They are greeted by an empty building and a less than enthusiastic party planner.

Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen isn’t really a cooking show, it’s a reality show that happens to have something that resembles cooking as its primary feature. I say “resembles” because Marcel and his team put together dishes in fun and fantastical ways. Liquid nitrogen is as likely to be used as the oven and the dishes he creates are more than just your average catered offerings. The food portions of the show are really interesting. Even though sometimes I wondered what, exactly, they were thinking, the end result was fun to see.

The “reality” portions of the show was a little annoying at times. I’m guessing SyFy doesn’t expect their audience to sit down to watch an hour cooking show—even something like Iron Chef or Chopped—they need something more dramatic. So you have to add in the burning fruit leather, the bitchy relations with the party planner and the client wringing her hands over whether the event will be a success or not. Honestly, I am hoping that once they get into the swing of things they really will focus a little more on the cooking and event planning and a little less on the drama and reality. For me, that could get wearisome very quickly.

The thing is, I love cooking shows. Let me rephrase that, I like shows that have cooking as part of the show. I dive into things like Chopped and Ace of Cakes, I really, really enjoy them and thanks to too many hours watching various cooking challenge shows, I have become a fan of “extreme” cooking. Just the kind of thing Marcel offers, so I am looking forward to what this show can cook up.

“Walk on the Wild Side” offered the seeds of what might be something very addicting. Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen has all the ingredients to cook up something special, I’m certainly willing to give next week a taste.

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