CHUCK “Chuck Vs The Muuurder” Reviews

Chuck "vs the Muuurder" (NBC)

CHUCK “Chuck Vs The Muuurder” Season 4 Episode 19 – Chuck’s leadership abilities are called into question when his search for the new intersect leads to a Cluedo crisis of epic whodunit proportions: was it the undercover Greek? The emotionally unstable girl? The nerd with the British accent? Or was it the jealous ex-head of the Intersect Operation?

Trapped in a room trying to solve a mystery (or avoid a force of monsters) is an old television cliché. It was used to full effect in this episode of Chuck. Sure, it was predictable from the moment the Greek (or the swarthy bearded guy) bomber visibly squeezed himself behind the door to protect himself from the worst of the bomb, but it was fun nevertheless.

The juggling act of genres which Chuck handled quite deftly in this episode saw Chuck going to even further lengths to keep his sister in the dark. His plan did not work out, because as loyal as Awesome is to Chuck, Awesome is far more loyal to Ellie and far more keen to see her happy. Thank you Chuck writers for giving Awesome and Ellie some quality material in this episode!

Even the Buy More guys didn’t annoy me (Chuck is probably the only show I’ve ever seen that can incorporate product placement so organically into a plot.) This was mainly thanks to the guest star Kevin Bacon, whose flight out of the exploding vents was yet again another classic moment of Chuck.

Other thoughts about the episode:
Bentley is a great foil for Chuck and I hope she sticks around for a while. Speaking of juggling acts, I genuinely thought she was going to blow up with the bomb. I actually (and I usually don’t feel this when watching television, as I’m a cold hearted bitch) felt a twinge of sadness.

It seems Miss Princess Volkhoff is finally going after Chuck. Let’s hope her quest to bring him down is as exciting as her father’s.

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