5 Reasons Why Dean is Better Than Sam [SUPERNATURAL]

Jensen Ackles as Dean

Okay so first up, I gotta say that writing this article was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I’m a Dean girl through and through and have been since the first time I watched Supernatural. But I love Sam too and I had to constantly fight my instincts to try and say nice things about the youngest Winchester as well. But this is supposed to be all about Dean, so please forgive me Sam girls.

Also, trying to name out all the various reasons that I think Dean is better than Sam (or any other man for that matter) and keeping it down to just a few words, was not easy. But here goes…..

1. He’s loyal

Dean Winchester

Okay so you’re probably thinking um yeah, so what? Isn’t everyone loyal to someone or something?

Well not like Dean Winchester, and while I agree that Sam can be loyal too, he just doesn’t seem to have it in the same quality or quantity as Dean. He is loyal almost to a fault and you’ll be hard pressed to find the elder Winchester giving up his allegiance to someone once they’ve earned it. Sam on the other hand, seems quite willing to jump ship whenever the mood strikes.

2. He loves his brother more than anything in the world

Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam

Yes I know this supposed to be all about Dean but one of the things I love most about Dean is how much he loves Sam.

He’s been taking care of his baby brother since he was practically a baby himself and even when they disagree, deep down he loves him. In fact I’m pretty sure that’s why he gets so angry with Sam sometimes, because he does love him and has always wanted what was best for him.

3. Crying just makes him look stronger

Dean Winchester crying

No one, and I mean no one, can cry like Dean Winchester.

And when you think about all the crap he’s gone through in his life (like his brother’s deaths and his own deaths, just to name a few things) how can you not expect him to shed a tear or two?

But the thing about Dean is that, even after his emotions have gotten the better of him and he’s maybe let go of a few tears, the next instant he’s ready for action and loaded for bear. I hate to say it but when Sam cries, he just looks sad.

4. He’s funnier than hell

Jensen Ackles as Dean

I got into Supernatural late and the first episode I ever saw of the series was Folsom Prison Blues, back in season two. I remember very clearly the moment I decided that I loved Dean Winchester. It was about maybe ten minutes into the episode and he had already made me laugh out loud at least five or six times.

Once I went back and watched the show from the beginning, I realized that Dean uses humor as a way to deflect the horrible things that happen in his life. He’s had it rough since he was four- years-old and sometimes humor is his way to deal with it. Sam tries his hand at humor too, but he just doesn’t have anything on his older brother. Dean can crack me up not only with a pop-culture reference or a wacky one-liner, he can also do it with just a look.

5. He drives the Impala

Supernatural Dean Impala

I know I’ve always said that I’m a Dean girl through and through, but in some ways I’m also an Impala girl (I even own a very large stuffed version of the Impala) and since Dean drives it, that makes him better. Period.

Really, do I need to say more? Okay I will.

Not only does he drive the Impala, he loves her and takes care of her as if she were his child. He calls her “Baby” and has rebuilt her with his own bare hands. He treats that car the way I wish some man would treat me. There, I said it.


In conclusion, I just have to say that I am a Dean girl and will always be a Dean girl. I have been since almost the moment I laid eyes on the older Winchester and nothing has ever caused me to waver in my love for him. To me, he will always be better than Sam because of all the reasons above and many more that I could name. I will never be a Sam hater but I will always, always, be a Dean lover.

So c’mon Dean girls (and boys), sound off and let me know why YOU love the oldest Winchester. I’d love to hear from you!

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Editor’s Note: For any Sam fans out there, tune in tomorrow as our resident Sam expert, Kelly, explains the reasons why Sam is better than Dean. ( Here you go, it’s UP