PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “For Whom the Bell Tolls” Spring Finale Review

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS "For Whom the Bell Tolls"

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “For Whom the Bell Tolls” Episode 22 Spring Finale – Here we are at the end of the season and the answers are few while the questions keep on growing. So what did the girls learn this week on Pretty Little Liars?

First, the videos on the flash drive from the storage place contain not only videos of the girls and Allison taken through various windows and apparently at different ages (what a disgusting thought!), but also of Jenna. Unfortunately for her, one of the videos shows her blackmailing Toby to continue their inappropriate sexual relationship. Allison was not above blackmailing anyone and used the videos to keep Jenna out of town. The question, of course, is why? Was Jenna competiton or a threat?

We also learned that Ian may have killed Allison. I say “may have” because although it appears that he confessed to Spencer while trying to kill her in the church, he said that Allison was pushed and hit her head. Did you hear Spencer say that Allison was suffocated? It sounds like Ian wasn’t even there, but was Melissa? Remember Ian talking on the phone in the car saying he would take care of it? Those are the same words that he used when he told Spencer that he was doing it for Melissa. Is it possible that Melissa killed Allison after finding out about her and Ian and Ian is just trying to protect her? We know that Ian was not talking to Jenna on the phone in the car which brings us to our latest mystery.

Hello, Officer Reynolds! You sure have been hiding some things. First he is investigating the girls at the request of another officer, now he is offering to help the girls. What could be his motive? Could it be that he is having a relationship with Jenna? How many relationships does that equal for that girl anyhow? I think there is more to Officer Reynolds than we have even begun to know about. I also think that Hanna feels the same way which is why she said that she left her mom the note about being in the woods when the Officer inquired as to whether anyone knew that they were there.

Was it A that saved Spencer in the church? Was it Noel who shows up in the crowd wearing a black hoodie? Or what about Aria’s dad? He showed up all out of breath and also made the weird statement about hearing that Ian had died. Had they even told anyone about that? They did not even have a body so why would they announce a death? All this proves is that everyone is a possible A, even parents.

In lighter news, Mona’s deceit about Caleb is discovered by Lucas who, rather than take Mona up on her offer to win Hanna, decides to go get Caleb because he knows that is what will make Hanna happy. I am back to liking Lucas again. Aria and Mr. Fitz are about to enter into a love triangle thanks to the appearance of his ex-fiancee, Jackie. Probably not good to start off with a lie. And did she say she is teaching at the same place he just took a job as a professor? Finally, Emily’s mother wants to move her to Texas where apparently she believes there are no lesbians. Sometimes I think this is one of those shows that could benefit from losing the parents as characters. Except maybe Hanna’s mother, I actually like her.

What did you think of this season finale of Pretty Little Liars? Did it meet your expectations? I expected more of a cliffhanger, so I am happy we did not have to wait months to find out if Spencer died or was hurt. Although the girls think that they know who killed Allison and why, I am not so sure that they really know. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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