HOUSE “Fall from Grace” Review

HOUSE (FOX) "Fall From Grace"

HOUSE “Fall from Grace” Season 7 Episode 17 – A homeless man has much bigger problems than any of the doctors realize and House puts on a big marital show much to Wilson and Cuddy’s dismay in the “Fall from Grace” episode of HOUSE.

The patient of the week is more interesting to me than House’s antics, so let’s start with the fact that Joan and Adam are together again. I loved Joan of Arcadia, so it’s nice to see that Amber Tamblyn and Christopher Marquette still have chemistry and that Marquette can bring the sad puppy eyes when he needs to. He’s good as Danny and I’m tickled by the tested by God discussion. The diagnosis of death by green veggies (Adult Refsum Disease) is fun, too, though I could have done without the vomit in the MRI. Danny is quite the liar with plausible answers for everything (my favorite is the restaurant buddy daring him to eat bones in exchange for real food), making him the perfect counterpoint to the self-righteously honest-to-a-fault Masters. This story had me up until the cannibalistic serial killer twist, which simply feels a bit too Law and Order for my taste. I am curious what (if any) effect it will have on Masters, though. She hits a low tonight with Danny Jennings’ father and hopefully this will finally teach her that not everything is as it seems.

“You see? Things are getting back to normal.” “Yeah-normal.” I’m not sure this reset button is going to work. There’s a reason the cliché “You can’t go home again” has stood the test of time, and we see it tonight. House’s antics: the Segway, the Ping Pong, the helicopters, the monster trucks–it’s too much, all rehashed, and, frankly, dull, especially when you add in the ho-hum of Wilson telling Cuddy yet again she needs to say no to House. Speaking of which, what is Wilson talking about when he blathers on about Cuddy being tough with House? She almost always gives in-especially when it comes to medical procedures, which is what’s most important to House. Oh, and did anyone else pick up Cuddy-Wilson vibes, or is that just me? I really hope it’s just me because this show needs a moratorium on all relationship drama for the rest of the season.

I’m surprised to say I actually like Dominika. Not so much the marriage, but at least she’s fun. So, did Chase get ordained online “just for today” or does performing weddings go along with being magically able to perform every surgery known to man? Alternatively, was the wedding just not legal? Since it’s not being consummated, that’s a possibility. I’m also unclear on whether we’re supposed to have forgotten that Stacy and Lydia were married or if we’re just supposed to feel House’s angst over Cuddy dumping him. Did I mention the relationship drama moratorium?

Randomly: “The little one” is my new favorite nickname for Taub and he is an awesome ring bearer. I hoped Smokey the Bear was going to pop out and put the fear of forest fires in those two kids. I have a hard time believing Masters has never heard of Ferris Bueller, but I’ll buy into it for the “I hear he’s a righteous dude” reference. I’m also not sure that House has never been a sadist. The “Once an addict; always an addict” as House pops pills may be obvious, but it works.

This episode of House tries too hard. It pushes House’s antics too far, overplays the angst, and throws in a twisty ending just because it can. Please let Wilson actually be right that we’re headed back to normal. Regardless, it looks like we get a breather from the break-up when House comes back in three weeks, with Thirteen’s return. Prison. Hmmm.

Favorite lines:

“He already jumped off his hotel balcony. Who knows what he’ll do next.” “Ride some kind of prostitute chariot to work?”

“A very soft looking man. Must be the Wilson”

“Unlike Santa and the Easter bunny, homeless, non-mentally ill twenty-somethings without drug problems don’t exist.”

“He really puts the “mani” in the pedi.”

“I would love to keep guessing, but I have people with tumors waiting.”

“In your head!” “Face.” “On your face!” “Close enough.”

“It’s a fake marriage but a real honeymoon?” “Most are.”

“You were genuinely offended about being mock snubbed from a mock wedding?”

What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised either that the wedding happened or by the serial killer ending? Any predictions as to what Thirteen did?

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