CASTLE “One Life to Lose” Review

CASTLE (ABC) One Life to Lose

CASTLE “One Life to Lose” Season 3 Episode 18 – A murder on a fictitious show called Temptation Lane is the perfect set up for a bunch of jokes about not only the world of soap operas, but the rabid fans who follow those shows. Also it gave us a really fun guest cast, from Jane Seymour to Corbin Bernsen, and Tina Majorino as the meek assistant writer who turns out to be the vicious killer. I loved them all and they were all fantastic in their roles.

Not much in the way of the will they/won’t they storyline for Castle and Beckett, except for a few moments here and there. But that was okay as I also get a kick out of the plain old fun episodes too, and this one was definitely that. Ryan and Esposito were their usual droll selves. Castle also had some hilariously manly moments with Esposito as they both drooled over the super hot actress. I also like how they are bringing Lanie into the show more, especially the new nickname for her and Esposito “Esplanie”.

Overall just another fun episode of Castle, to bring us back from the seriousness of the last two-parter.

My favorite bits…

You know you watch too much Psych when you watch the first scene in this episode and all you can think is “What is Shawn’s dad doing kissing that girl??”

Martha admitting that she hadn’t cleaned so much as supervised cleaning.

Martha pointing out that her son was neither trained, nor a professional .Ha!

Castle’s shock when he found out that their victim was a writer. I’m with him, who would want to kill a writer?? *looks over shoulder nervously*

Castle mentioning the Evil Weather Machine from General Hospital. OMG I so saw that season when I was a kid. It was a brutally hot summer that year and I remember how nice it was to watch a show every day that had snow in it.

Ryan putting himself in front of Esposito and ‘Dude’-ing him until he snapped out of his trance from the actresses’…um..many talents.

Beckett defining “shippers” to Castle and explaining what the fangirl’s screen name meant.

Cracking up at the fangirl lady’s heart-felt argument against the other camp of shippers.

Really digging the effect of the shot of Beckett stirring her cream into her coffee. Artsy.

This bit: “You know, when you say soapy I conjure up images..” “Castle, focus.” “I am.” “On our case.”

Castle discovering that Beckett was a big fat Temptation Lane fan. LOL.

Castle’s shocked response to finding out that Vince was sleeping with the star of Temptation Lane. Did I detect a smidge of jealousy? Nah..

Castle coming up with “Esplanie” for Esposito and Lanie. Love it!

Martha describing everything that happened to her character in the space of just a few weeks. Yep, that sounds about right on a soap opera.

Esposito and Castle’s little sideways fist-bump when they agreed how smokin’ hot Mandy was.

The look on Castle’s face when Connelly described how Mandy had come to his door in nothing but a fur coat.

Uh oh.the look on Reese’s face when Connelly invited her to the writer’s room. I understand it, cuz that’s every writer’s dream but now I’m starting to suspect her.

The coffee shop girl caring about nothing more than her screenplay.

Beckett giving Castle a look until he told the coffee shop girl he would read her script so she would talk.

Ryan asking if Castle and Beckett practice their routine of finishing each other’s sentences when no one was around.

Castle realizing that the murderer was with his mother. Oh noes!

Castle kicking in the door. Awesome! (okay yeah I totally knew they were doing a scene but Castle didn’t)

Castle knowing for a fact that he would pay dearly for interrupting his mother’s moment, whether his intentions were good or not.

Beckett giving Castle a look when he suggested they sleep on the case..separately. I just adored the “Katherine Beckett…well I never..”

Beckett making a face when she heard Castle’s first opening line.

Aha! I knew it! I knew it! The meek little writer did it! *happy dance of joy*

Castle giving Beckett the signed cast photo from Temptation Lane.

Finding out why Beckett loves Temptation Lane. Aw, that was so sweet.

Josh calling right in the middle of Castle and Beckett’s moment. Ah! Such teasing they give us.

Castle accidentally barging in on his mother and Lance most certainly NOT running lines. Oops!

What did you think of this episode of Castle? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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