BEING HUMAN “Dog Eat Dog” Review

BEING HUMAN (SyFy) "Dog Eat Dog" Episode 10
BEING HUMAN “Dog Eat Dog” Review Episode 10 – Immortality is an easy thing to take for granted. The thing about forever is the choices you make, and there is no sweet death to erase your memory. So we begin our journey of BEING HUMAN this week. Aidan is still dealing with the fallout of Bernie’s death, and an even bigger headache when the “Dutch”, the Elders, decide to drop in for a visit. That wouldn’t be much of a problem, but they are the old-fashioned type and disapprove of Aidan’s current lifestyle.

Oh, yeah, it’s bad, and getting worse.

Our favorite werewolf has been kidnapped by the vampires for bloodsport. It’s the night of the full moon and the vampires have “dogfights” to the death. Aidan seems to be back in league with Bishop and the vampires, and Josh is at a loss when he faces his friend at a pre-fight physical of sorts. While waiting for the fight to begin Josh meets Douglas, the man who will become the wolf he is to fight, and the two form, maybe not a friendship, but an understanding. In time, I think it would have been a friendship, alas, that was not to be.

In an interesting counterpoint to Aidan’s current’s problems, we get a glimpse into the past with Bishop and his one-time love affair with a human. Interesting because, of course, Aidan is the one against it and trying to talk Bishop out of it. As his story progressed, it was odd, at first I was sympathetic, but as it went on, it meant less and less and Bishop’s final moments with his love left me oddly detached from that storyline. Maybe because my heart was already on its way to completely broken.

“Dog Eat Dog” is about love and loyalty. One of the things that Being Human does so well is deal with the human condition. The show forces us to look at things in a very raw way, in fact we can’t turn from what’s there. One of the themes that has run through the show is who is our family, and this episode faces that in a stark, cold way. Reflected in the mirror of Aidan’s life we see the choices that can be made, and where friendship and loyalty can cost us our very soul.

One of the most touching and heartbreaking moments that television has served up in a long time was Josh’s change in the ring, watching the humiliation, pain and betrayal on his face and the emotional agony on Aidan’s. Watching it happen, knowing Josh believed Aidan was in with Bishop against him was almost too much and knowing that Aidan had offered himself up in exchange for Josh. (That cracking sound was my heart starting to shatter.) And then, after the fight, as Josh faced the outcome—going through the pages of Douglas’ book, was almost too much to take.

Last week’s episode was dark, but this week’s was… dark, yes, but so much more than that. I am a little battered emotionally from “Dog Eat Dog”. That’s not a bad thing, not by any means, I am so invested and I care so much, that this episode nearly broke me. Aidan’s sacrifice for Josh was so huge. Going back to Bishop, giving up, even for a short time, the dream of Being Human, was a gift of love, of loyalty, of family. His tearful plea for Sally and Josh to forgive him had me right there with them in that moment, in tears. I wanted to hug them all.

“Dog Eat Dog” is amazing, emotional and heartbreaking. In a show that gets better every week, this one was stunning. It was possibly one of the best episodes of any show I have seen this year. I am left at the end, tears staining my keyboard, Being Human with a broken heart.

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