Undercover Boss “MGM Grand”, Season 2 Episode 18 – This week’s episode of Undercover Boss focused on Scott Sibella, Chief Operating Officer of the episode’s namesake “MGM Grand”. For those of you unfamiliar with Las Vegas, this episode did a great job of catching you up with the background of the hotel and its sister hotels. I’ve been to Vegas a few times, but I had no idea that the MGM Grand was so big (Second biggest in the world?!) and that it was part of such a large parent company.

I always think of the movie 21 when I see blackjack dealers. I know the system has changed a lot since that movie took place, so it was cool to see how strict of a process the shuffling and dealing is. It reminded me a lot of the days when I worked at Coldstone Creamery. For those of you unfamiliar with that place, it’s an ice cream shop where the workers mix the toppings into your ice cream for you. I remember how strict they were with exactly how we mixed the toppings into the ice cream. Management really didn’t even care how well the toppings were mixed in, what was more important was that you looked like you were mixing it in well. I remember people that worked with me used to just flop their hands around and not actually do anything with the ice cream. Anyway, that’s what it reminded me of.

Las Vegas is such a unique place. Just like Donn said at the roulette table, “There are many rules in this city”. It’s crazy how many regulations and restrictions there are to everything you do! You need to spin the roulette ball at least three times, you need to shuffle the cards a very specific way, and you can’t even do such a basic human reflex like putting your hands in your pockets without being worried about losing your job!

I was impressed to see so many hard-working, kind-hearted employees working in a Las Vegas casino. Where are they when I go there? They must go on break when I show up and get replaced by their rude co-workers. Overall, I thought this was a pretty strong and enlightening episode of Undercover Boss.

Random Thoughts:

-When Scott said that if he could control his household, then he could do well in his company was pretty rich. Hey Scott, if you rule over your household with an iron fist, maybe tell your 16-year-old daughter to pull up her shirt a little bit when she’s on TV with ten million people watching. Just sayin’.

– Why does Scott have his home phone number listed on his iPhone as “Home of Scott Sibella”? How many homes does he have to keep straight in his contacts?

– This may be a very localized question, but I noticed that the Sibellas were eating In-N-Out for dinner together. Do they have locations in Nevada? I thought they were only in California.