SKINS (UK) “Everyone” Review

SKINS (UK) Everyone Series 5 Episode 8

SKINS “Everyone” Series 5 Episode 8 – I’m gonna start off by making it clear I was born in the 80’s not the 90’s. When I was 16 we didn’t have Facebook (imagine that!) My mobile phone was the size of a house brick with a torch and ‘Snakes’…that was it. The reason I’m telling you this is during this week’s SKINS it hit me. This program might not be meant for me. This may be why I don’t like Skins. So I’m gonna put it out there and be honest. Here it goes….

The finale of this series of Skins still suffered from the same weak acting and dodgy storyline but on the plus side it was a vast improvement on last week. The setup is that the gang are running off so that Rich and Grace can get married. Alo is best man so has the job of organising the day. Rather predictably it all goes…well wrong.

The opening was fresh, it was a good set-up for the episode. Frankie does a bit of breaking and entering leaving a note on Matty’s bed. Rich has his hair chopped off. They all get (dodgy) suited and booted and head off on the road trip.

One thing this episode of Skins achieved was to finally convince that they were a group of friends not just a load of naff, two-dimensional characters pretending to get along. This week they actually gelled. Alo and Nick were the highlight stumbling around the countryside like a stoned Dumb and Dumber.

The script was (occasionally) better too. Nicks plea for a “come-down cuddle” was funny and I liked the way the scene played out with Liv and Matty in the wood. Liv seemed genuinely desperate responding to Matty’s “You’ll always be ok” by shouting after him “and that girl [Frankie] will always be lost”.

What let it down though is the acting. A pretty fundamental part of the program. I always had high hopes that Grace and Matty would be interesting characters. I’ve been disappointed and this week was no different. Matty has a constant gormless look on his face which I think is his attempt at smouldering and Grace is just dull…posh but dull.

There’s just no spark. The passion filled kiss between Frankie and Matty lacked any passion. It seemed to me that the writers just left out massive parts. It was never really explained why she freaked out on him other than some patchy story about her past. Maybe I’m being too quick to judge and the writers will fill in the blanks next series.

So on the whole I haven’t liked this series of Skins. But as I said it might be down to the fact I was a fan of Take That the first time round and maybe the show just isn’t meant for me. What do you think? Is it just me or is this Skins pants? Enjoyed the series?? Let me know in the comment box below!!

  • Tyrrelkendall22

    You’re not wrong. This series has been abysmal.
    I stopped watching after episode 2 only to watch glimpses because I felt like i hadn’t given it a chance. but even the snippets i saw of the rest was shockingly bad.

    the characters just didn’t come off as remotely likeable, whether this was down to diabolical script or bad acting or a combination of the two is debateable.

    I also felt this series had a far too omni-present American feel to it. Not just in the dialogue, which felt about as natural as an episode of 90210 but in the ridiculous stereotypes only really present in American high schools, not British Colleges.

    I don’t think this “generation” holds a candle to the previous one of seasons 3 and 4. I also felt this season didn’t address anything that season 1 already addressed in its opening few episodes. They seemed to use sex sex sex as a hook, but it got tired. Quickly.

    You can’t tell me that “Mimi” comes anywhere near to Effy or that any of the male characters were even a fraction as talented as Cook or Freddy.

    Grace was perhaps the worst offender and the less said about episode 2 the better.

    I also felt that the faux-slut virgin (Mimi – yeah right) was taken straight from a bad American teen flick.

    And i must be the only person on the planet to not see the virtues of that Dakota girl, at best she’s a decent actress. But the character…..the misunderstood sexually ambiguous androgynous yet surprisingly attractive when dolled up rebel….it’s only been done a thousand times before.

    Either recast for a new season (unlikely) or let skins die with some dignity.

  • Browny

    Completely agree! The only remotely likable characters in this series were Alo and Nick. Potentially, Franky, but what the hell is her back story? The other characters seemed extremely dull and diluted reincarnations of previous characters. While I assume Matty was supposed to be the most edgy of the male characters, he couldn’t hold a light to Cook or Tony.

    I believe Skins has died. And that makes me sad. Because we many never get to see James Fitch in a more mature role. He was a character that would have had spark.