BOB’S BURGERS “Art Crawl” Review

BOB'S BURGERS Art Crawl Episode 8 (8)
BOB’S BURGERS “Art Crawl” Episode 8 – In tonight’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, they somehow managed to pull off an entire episode about animal anus art and make it hilarious. I suppose part of why it all worked was because the punch line wasn’t only in the visual gags, it was in watching the Belcher family and the town around Bob’s Burgers react to such ridiculous artwork.

Megan Mullally was great as Aunt Gail and I really enjoyed hearing her talk to Linda. They both took on the same intonations in their voices and ended up sounding like they could actually be sisters. Even though Megan Mullally’s voice is naturally quite a bit higher than John Robert’s voice, tonight made me appreciate his voice acting for Linda’s character all the more.

The kids were in prime form tonight as well. I loved the moment that Bob, Tina, Gene and Louise walk into the restaurant after Aunt Gail had put up all her art work. Of course, Bob goes into shock while the kids are immediately overjoyed and begin their colorful art commentary. I also enjoyed seeing Mort and Teddy in the restaurant discussing the anus art with Bob.

Up until this episode, we haven’t really seen many subplots in Bob’s Burgers. Here, Louise gets a nice little b-story following her exploits in the business side of the art world. At first she tries to make money off of Tina and Gene. The art they produce is so perfectly Tina and Gene but not commercial enough for Louise’s purposes. Tina paints a nude of her dentist, Dr. Yap, and Gene paints a robot battle at Stonehenge featuring his 28 year old albino friend, Ken. Bob sees the paintings and despite the issues these images bring up, he’s got animal anuses on the walls of his restaurant to deal with.

Since Louise’s first choice artists are apparently talentless, she moves onto passing neighborhood kids and treats them like a pimp would treat his prostitutes. The creepy, awkwardly affectionate twins, Andy and Ollie (voiced by Laura and Sarah Silverman) and their friend, Dan Mitchum, or as Louise calls him, “Red”, are so fearful of Louise’s wrath that they do everything she orders them to do without question.

Meanwhile, after being provoked by Edith, the head of the Art Crawl committee, Bob goes on a rebellious rampage. In a perfect world, Bob would be left alone to run his business in peace. He’ll quietly sit back and let his family, friends and neighbors walk all over him until someone tells him what he’s not allowed to do. It seems the way to push Bob’s buttons, is to tell him he can’t do something – which is exactly what Edith did. It also seems to be something about Bob that Louise already knows how to manipulate. Ever notice how she frequently tries to provoke her dad by telling him he shouldn’t do something? She’s a smart one.

I could not stop laughing during Linda’s anus version of the Pink Elephants on Parade nightmare. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to watch Dumbo again without recalling the monkey on the wall turning around to reveal an anus on both ends.

Louise’s story wraps up nicely and ties back into the main plot at the end when she pays off Edith for the damage Bob did to their store, Reflections. I love that Bob hadn’t sold a single burger all week, while Louise managed to make a couple hundred dollars in a day. He should talk to her for some business advice, although he might be disturbed to hear what she suggests.

In reviews of earlier episodes, I had mentioned that I thought that Bob’s Burgers was the weakest when they relied on potty humor for laughs. Despite the questionable taste of the art on display, I don’t have the same criticism tonight. Bob’s Burgers absolutely did not disappoint. There were so many great moments from all the characters and I’m left wanting more.