BIG LOVE “When Men and Mountains Meet” Series Finale Review

BIG LOVE "When Men and Mountains Meet"

BIG LOVE “When Men and Mountains Meet” Season 5 Episode 10 (Series Finale) – Tonight was the end of a five year run with the Henricksons, polygamy, the Grants, the Greens, and a family who touched us in ways we never would have expected. From curiosity to sympathy, empathy, love and frustration, Big Love has taken its viewers on quite a ride and tonight’s final episode was no exception. Before I watched this episode I remembered the last three series that I loved and their endings. I am not sure if there are words to express how disappointed and angry I was at the ending of The Sopranos. No, I did not accept the many theories behind the ending. I am still bitter. Also disappointing was the ending of Lost as it veered off toward a more spiritual ending than the show ever even explored. A better finale, at least for me, was that of Sex and the City. I remember smiling at the end of that episode and knowing that it ended the way that it should. I have similar feelings about tonight’s ending of Big Love. Before, I go any further, if you have not yet watched this episode, please stop reading as there are spoilers (big spoilers) in this review.

It is rather interesting to me that in a world where Bill has had endless enemies ranging from the law, to Roman Grant, to the Greens, to Alby, to the men from the Casino, as well as various other characters that have come and gone, his ultimate downfall would be at the hands of his neighbor, Carl. Let’s remember that Bill himself did nothing to Carl. Carl lost his job through no fault of the Henricksons. He was then turned away from his church, again having nothing to do with them. Finally, it was Margene that got his wife involved in Goji, getting them even further in debt, and more importantly pulling them further apart. None of that was Bill’s doing. Yet it was the act of Bill having Carl’s lawn done, based on a promise made last year, that caused Carl to snap and shoot him point blank.

We were told that Sarah would be back for the finale, but we didn’t know it would be in an after flash with Barb, as the head of the church and the priesthood holder in the house, baptizing Sarah’s son. We were told that storylines would be wrapped up and questions answered and many of them were. Let’s start there. Aside from Bill’s death, the other most moving and sad moment was the death of Lois. No one around Lois was willing to see that she was more and more foregone, but Frank. Just as he promised, and true to their love and marriage, Frank assisted Lois to her death when she could no longer remember anything except that Bill was her son. With Frank playing back memories of their life together, Lois quietly slipped off on to the next world where she would ultimately see Bill just a short time later.

Barb got what she wanted, a place in the church and in the family, but only at the expense of Bill. It was moving that his last act was to ask her for a blessing and to make her a place in his church, but sad that it had to be a life and death situation that enabled her to feel complete. Margene has moved on to fulfill her dream of service to others on a medical ship leaving every couple of months and then returning to visit. “Margene Without Borders” as Nicki called her. It was difficult to believe in this episode that Margie is only 22 years old. She has matured so much these last five years. Nicki got what she wanted as well. We did not really know what that was until this episode when she admitted to Barb that she is missing human kindness and is scared to be alone. She is not alone, but with Barb and the family continuing on. Ben and Heather were married. Sarah and her husband had the first grandchild.

It has been a difficult ride for the Henricksons. Even tonight, many times, I thought the family would implode or explode, yet they hung on, sometimes even by a thread. Just like that though, everything is okay. It seems too good to be true, yet without Bill around there is no polygamy. There are no impending prison charges. There are no fights over their places in the family or in the world as everyone is free to do what they want. We actually catch a glimpse of how it will be when the women all pile into Honeybee, Barb’s “impractical little car” and drive off on the road. Just as I thought they should drive off together and never return, Margene voices that same sentiment. In the end, that is kind of what they did, together yet apart. Bonded together through a truly big love, one that transcends the actual spouse that brought them together. I think that has always been the message behind Big Love and that is why I think the series ended perfectly.

While I could go on forever about tonight’s episode, I would like to hear what everyone else thought. Did it meet your expectations? If not, what would you have liked to see happen? Is there any storyline that you wished would have been explored? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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