PRIVATE PRACTICE “Love and Lies” Review


PRIVATE PRACTICE “Love and Lies” Season 4 Episode 16 – In this episode Addison winds up with a patient who wants to harvest the eggs of her unborn baby (the baby who will die shortly after birth) so that she can basically give birth to her own grandchild. It’s another one of those terrible decision cases and again, I found it hard to land squarely on one side or another. Coop had some great points but I also didn’t quite understand how different it was from someone getting into an accident and doctors harvesting organs from the dying person.

As for the whole Sam and Naomi thing, it just plain pissed me off. I wish he would stop running back to her whenever he felt like it and basically ignoring the fact that he’s in another relationship now. Frankly I’m happy to see Naomi go, not just because of the Sam thing but also because of how she’s been treating Addison.

Once again, my favorite couple of the night was Charlotte and Coop (though Pete and Violet were a close second). I know it’s weird but I actually found it a little comforting that Charlotte and Coop were arguing over the baby. To me it meant that they were both healed enough after all the tragedy they’d been through to have a good healthy debate. And in the end they both agreed that they still love each other and really, what more can you ask than that?

My favorite bits..

Totally agreeing with Amelia. If her friend doesn’t know if she has the gene and doesn’t want to know, then she should stop acting like she already has the disease or just find out already.

Actually giving a little gasp when I saw Gabriel again. I almost forgot about him, but I remember how much I dig him.

Sam looking down guiltily when Naomi walked into the room. Gee, I wonder why?

Literally gasping again when Michelle said she wanted to kill herself. Jeesh, what is up with me and the gasping in this episode?

WTH is up with Sam? What’s the point of getting Naomi to admit that their kiss was more than nostalgia?

Addison agreeing to do the surgery.

Pete telling Amelia that it wasn’t selfish to want to keep her friend around.

Giggling so hard when Gabriel totally figured out that Naomi’s “complication” was code for Sam.

Okay I know why she felt the need to do it, but Amelia lying to Michelle was still wrong.

Addison pointing out to Naomi that there were lines that weren’t crossed..that is until her teenage daughter got pregnant.

Oh burn – Amelia telling Pete that he didn’t exactly act honestly when he helped a blind patient lie and pretend she could see.

Sorry Sam, Gabriel may be an arrogant bastard but in this case I think he’s totally right.

Addison walking in and finding Coop holding the baby. I just about lost it when he kissed her goodbye.

Sheldon snapping and saying he was tired of being the sounding board for all the women in the office. OMG I so know how he feels. I have been the “not girlfriend, girlfriend” and it totally does suck.

The guys telling Sheldon he needs to find a woman of his own. Yep, I agree with that part too.

Addison bringing the baby to her parents so they could meet her and say goodbye. Yeah that’s when I totally cried.

Amelia promising to be there for Michelle until the day she draws her last breath and kill her herself when her life isn’t worth living any more. Whoa.

Pete taking a picture of Violet showing her scar.

I’m sorry but Naomi was a bitch the moment she said “not everything is about you, Addison” – you kiss your best friend’s boyfriend (ex-husband or not, that’s what he is) and then say that? Wow.

Actually being happy to see Naomi leave. There, I said it.

Charlotte finding Coop standing outside the room and watching the baby with her parents.

Addison wishing for one more conversation with her mother. I love that one topic of the conversation would have been about a baton.

What did you think of this episode of Private Practice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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