PARKS AND RECREATION “Harvest Festival” Review

PARKS AND RECREATION "Harvest Festival" Season 3 Episode 7

PARKS AND RECREATION “Harvest Festival” Season 3 Episode 7 – So, “Harvest Festival” was hands down my favorite episode of PARKS AND RECREATION to date. I don’t even know where to start with how hilarious this episode was… because the ENTIRE episode was funny. It’s hard to pick out the “highlights” because the episode was just THAT good.

The Harvest Festival is finally ready to go and Leslie and the rest of the department are bringing their “A” game to impress the media… mainly Joan Callamezzo. The fate of the department rides on the success of this festival, and when a local Wamapoke tribe leader asks Leslie to relocate (the festival is set on a battle ground) and she refuses (it’s the only place in Pawnee large enough to accommodate the Ferris wheel!), he threatens a curse on the fest.

Well, hilarity ensues. When Joan is touring the fest before it opens to the public, everything seems like it’s going to be perfect. Leslie and Ben are ready with answers to all of her questions (“How many of the workers are illegals?”), and between the corn maze, and Sebastian the mini horse, Joan can’t find anything to “scoop” on the festival.

That is until Sebastian goes missing, and Tom blows the cover about the curse. Then the media takes the idea and runs with it, complete with a live animation scene between Leslie and the tribe leader… which featured some pretty sweet animated ghosts and Leslie with glowing red eyes.

Since Parks and Recreation was renewed for a fourth season, we know the parks department isn’t going anywhere, and of course, the Harvest Festival is a success.

My favorite parts of the episode:

  • When April told Andy that she loved him and he replied with “Awesome sauce!” and held up his hand to slap her five. Andy is such a spazz sometimes, but his heart is ALWAYS in the right place.
  • Ron’s reaction during the first scene when Leslie introduces the Pawnee hero Sebastian the mini horse. If you didn’t notice, go back and rewatch Ron’s reaction. It was PRICELESS.
  • Ben’s reaction when everyone else FREAKED OUT over Sebastian and when he called him a “pony” and Tom jumped down his throat with “mini horse!”, and Ron informing us that Sebastian has an honorary degree from Notre Dame.
  • The tribe leader (whose name I completely don’t remember) line: “I know one thing white people are afraid of. Curses.”
  • Andy and April. Just them in general; they are wonderful.
  • Ben and Leslie during the entire episode. We’ve seen their friendship grow steadily during the third season, what are the odds of them becoming a couple??
  • Ann receiving relationship advice from Donna. And the red streak in Ann’s hair.
  • Joan Callamezzo and the rest of the press during Leslie’s press conference, especially when the power blew.
  • The panic on Tom and Leslie’s face when they realize Sebastian is missing.
  • Ron’s plan to separate into groups to find the mini horse, and then finally resorting to the Ferris wheel.
  • Andy to Ron: “Ron! Why is April mad at me?!” Ron: “She’s mad at you because she told you she loved you and you said ‘awesome sauce’ instead of ‘I love you too’. Tom, you’re obviously to blame for Sebastian, so everyone shut up and apologize!”
  • The fake lifting of the “curse” and the subtitles that rolled across the screen. ALSO, when the tribe leader lifts Ben’s curse and blows a handful of dirt into his face.
  • Ben in a Sebastian t-shirt in the closing scene. “I TOTALLY get it!”
  • I’m SO happy NBC renewed Parks and Recreation for a fourth season. Easily one of the best comedies on TV right now.

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