OUTSOURCED “Todd’s Holi War” Review

OUTSOURCED "Todd's Holi War" Episode 17

OUTSOURCED “Todd’s Holi War” Season 1 Episode 17 – After a few weeks of repeat episodes, OUTSOURCED was new this week with “Todd’s Holi War”. During a horrible heat wave in India, Todd and the rest of the call center are forced to suffer when the tech support company in the building hijacks their air conditioning.

The employees (and manager) of the company are just downright unpleasant people, and won’t listen when Todd attempts to work things out peacefully. After sabotaging the entire call center’s computer system, Todd decides to take matters into his own hands and declares a war of sorts on the other company.

It happens to be the Holi holiday in India, and paint ball guns, paint, and powered paint are easily accessible – which makes for a hilarious battle between the two call centers. The best part of which is when Manmeet hangs from his legs out of an air duct to just ANNIHILATE the other manager with a red paint gun. That was probably my favorite part of the episode.

While Todd is planning his nefarious plot, Rajiv is working on a mission of his own. He’s trying to find an original way to propose to his girlfriend; and ends up coming up with an idea that could have EASILY blown up in his face… but that’s why we love Rajiv.

Outsourced is always hilarious and the wackiness with the paint wars, Rajiv’s scramble to find a way to propose, and Madhuri working as spy for Todd, “Todd’s Holi War” didn’t disappoint.

My favorite bits:

  • I love Charlie. I almost lost it When he stepped into the first scene in full combat gear, paint ball gun in hand, and just WAILED on the guy going after the older woman.
  • Manmeet in the air vent. The two times in the episode when he fell from the air vents were great. The first because it was unexpected and what kind of friend FORGETS that their pal is in an AIR VENT, Todd?! And the second time, because he looked like a spider monkey hanging there by his legs.
  • The scream from everyone in the call center when Todd was talking about how Madhuri just blends in with a crowd… and then she started talking from behind him. That was fantastic.
  • The tech support guy speaking in a southern accent on the phone to Todd when he was approximately 3 spots down from him in the lunch line.
  • Rajiv’s proposal. I loved how he took so much time to plan out the perfect way to propose and it all blew up in his face, but that he still asked her anyway. And in the most imperfect, but completely perfect, way possible.
  • I love Outsourced and can’t wait for more new episodes!

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