Jimmy Smits Joins NBC’s Stephen Gaghan Pilot


Outlaw may not have lasted, but Jimmy Smits is giving series television another try. TVLine reports that he has signed on to star in NBC’s untitled drama pilot (formerly S.I.L.A.) from Stephen Gaghan (Traffic), which examines crime, law enforcement, and politics in Los Angeles.

Smits will play Los Angeles Mayor Alfonso Morales (Smits), an ambitious man who cares about women, his city, and power, and the ensemble-oriented pilot will focus on him and his Special Investigations Unit, which is led by Terry Mullins (Noah Emmerich), a detective who has come back to L. A. to reconnect with his fifteen-year-old daughter Jennifer (Emma Dumont). Terry also needs to find a way to get along with his high-powered lawyer wife Mary McCarthy (Madchen Amick). The pilot is said to be stylized like Traffic and Syriana.

What do you think? Interesting or not?