FRINGE “Stowaway” Review

FRINGE “Stowaway” Season 3 Episode 17 – Don’t you just hate it when someone slips some soul magnets in your tea and then returns from the dead to possess your body? At least Olivia gets to take a nap while Bell is getting stoned in her body. Or not. Things on Fringe are always more complicated than they first appear.

The case this week involves Dana Gray, the compassionate soul vampire. Well, as the team discovers, suicidal “stowaway” is a better description than “vampire.” And none other than our universe’s Lincoln Lee is the agent trying to find her. This Lincoln is much more serious and buttoned up than the one in the alterverse. He was like the Clark Kent version of Lincoln Lee. I thought he and Peter worked well together and I’m glad they left to door open to him coming back to Boston.

After that surprise ending last week, I was looking forward to “Stowaway” just to see Bell in Olivia’s body aka “Bellivia.” And it did NOT disappoint. First of all, major props to Anna Torv for capturing Leonard Nimoy’s distinctive voice and even his signature one eyebrow raise. It was kind of freaky at first, but as the episode went on, I started seeing Bell instead of Olivia playing Bell. This was especially true in the scenes with Walter because they had the easy camaraderie of old friends.

Some of my other favorite parts:
Bell flirting with Astrid–her reaction was awkward and hilarious. Oh, I hope poor Astrid doesn’t have to milk him.

Walter: “Me and Belly collecting human tissue and fluid specimens. Just like when we were kids.”

Lincoln: “Oh, boy. Um, who are you guys?”

Ooh, Peter was furious with Bell for possessing his girlfriend. Did you notice he could barely even look at Bellivia? And, personally, I wouldn’t drink any tea prepared by Bell.

Bellivia and Peter had several discussions regarding fate versus free will in this episode, which I’m guessing is a build up to the finale. Is it Peter’s fate to end up in the machine? Bell seems to think so, but he was cut off when the church bells started ringing and Olivia briefly returned. So, once again, Fringe leaves us on a cliffhanger. It looks like we may have to wait a few weeks to find out because next week’s episode will be taking place in the alterverse.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode of Fringe, “Stowaway?” Which universe’s Lincoln do you like better? And what did you think of Anna Torv as Bellivia?

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