CALIFORNICATION “The Last Supper” Advance Review

CALIFORNICATION “The Last Supper” Season 4 Episode 11 – Are you planning on watching this week’s episode of Californication? Before I start talking about “The Last Supper” let’s quickly refresh our memories on what happened last week. Hank stood trial for the charges against him and it didn’t quite go as planned. The prosecution proved that Hank actually met Mia before they had sex and they are claiming he had sex with her as revenge. Charlie botched the cross examination and may have made things worse for Hank.

In “The Last Supper” Hank awaits he sentencing. The whole episode takes place the day before Hank finds out what his punishment will be. The gang throws a going away to jail party for Hank. Judy Greer guest stars as Trixie.

This episode of Californication, is pretty much just setting up the final episode of Season 4. Although Hank has totally brought everything on himself, I have been getting a little frustrated with Karen this season. I feel like she should either forgive or forget Hank. Each episode, she let’s him in a little bit only to snap back to reality (in which he is a convicted rapist) and pushes him away. Do you think there will a future for the two of them? In “The Last Supper” it suddenly feels like a very real possibility that Hank could be going to jail. Do you think he will? Something to look forward to in this episode is a small cameo by Judy Greer who plays the lovable prostitute, Trixie. I can’t wait for the season finale next week. What about you? What have you thought about this season of Californication?

Don’t forget to watch Californication this Sunday on Showtime at 9:00 pm. After you have watched the show, please come back, leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!

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