Alimi Ballard and Matthew Willig Cast in NCIS

Alimi Ballard and Matthew Willig

Alright NCIS fans, so we’ve all met E.J. Barrett but what about the rest of her team? Well, according to, Numb3rs star Alimi Ballard and former NFL journeyman Matthew Willig have been cast in the roles of E.J.’s teammates.

Willig will play Special Agent Simon Cade, described as a hulking but friendly federal agent with a photographic memory. He’s apparently not all brawn though. The guy also has an Ivy League education to go along with that intimidating presence of his.

Meanwhile Ballard is set to play Special Agent Gayne Levin, described as a weathered, well-traveled federal agent who’s just happy to be back in Washington.

Team E.J. will show up just in time to help Team Gibbs in the hunt for a psychopath called the Port-to-Port Killer, as part of the upcoming serial-killer story arc that is set to unwind over the remainder of the CBS hit’s eighth season.

But just because everyone is working in the same building and supposed to play nice, don’t be surprised if Team Gibbs initially has some trouble sharing the squad room with their new friends.

The Port-to-Port Killer will reportedly be introduced in the April 5 episode, titled “Two-Faced.” After that, Ballard and Willig will kick off their multi-episode run the following week, in an episode titled “Dead Reflection.”

Previously Willig, 42, played offensive tackle for several National Football League teams. He’s also appeared on such TV shows as Dexter, Chuck and My Name Is Earl.

Other than his work as David Sinclair on Numb3rs, Ballard, 33, has also appeared on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and alongside NCIS‘ Weatherly on Dark Angel and the soap opera Loving.

So what do you think NCIS fans? Are we ready to meet some new team members? Is anyone else wondering if maybe they are being introduced so that some of them can be killed off? It would be one way to get across the viciousness of the serial killer, without killing of any main cast members.