30 ROCK “Queen Of Jordan” Review

30 Rock "Queen of Jordan" NBC

30 ROCK “Queen of Jordan” Season 5 Episode 17 – 30 Rock is a show that likes to take risks, be it in its totally offensive humor or with its stylistic choices. This episode of 30 Rock was through the lens of Angie Jordan’s Bravo reality show Queen of Jordan. Angie is out to publicize her single “My Single Is Dropping” dropping, and she wants to take full advantage of Tracy’s retreat to Africa. Jack puts Liz on a mission to stop Angie’s efforts.

If you don’t watch a lot of reality television, the inside jokes in the episode may have been lost on you. While I’ve never actually seen a full episode of Real Housewives, the clichés have somehow permeated into my know-how of pop culture, so I caught on to enough of the gags to realize that, between ‘Liz, Another Person’ and the black and white flashbacks, this episode was a clever, innovative satire of the reality television conventions.

It didn’t all work. I wish Susan Sarandon’s appearance hadn’t felt so awkward: would the producers of Queen of Jordan really have been so concerned about Frank’s once illicit relationship with his old teacher? Yes, juicy material, but in the context of a show about Angie, it was pretty hard to cram in. You could argue that that was the point, that reality shows are so desperate for drama that they will (and do, of course) take anything out of context, but it felt more like a good opportunity wasted.

Everything else worked really well, from Angie’s contractual weave ripping, to Liz’s hysterical meltdown, even Jenna’s comical alcoholic attention seeking intervention bit, and especially Jack’s Princeton gay flatulence schtick.

Overall, this is yet another strong episode of 30 Rock in which is still one of the funniest, smartest comedies on television.

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