MR SUNSHINE “Lingerie Football” Review

MR. SUNSHINE Lingerie Football Episode 6

MR SUNSHINE “Lingerie Football” Season 1 Episode 6 – Roman has to keep Ben’s dream female football quarterback busy while Crystal enlists him in her emotional meltdown.

It would seem she has “innocently mixed up” some of her personal accounts (such as the cheetah and Ecuador) with those of the Sunshine Center so she is being audited. Their accountants couldn’t help because “Our hairless accountants are excellent, the problem is they have a very strict legal sense of the law.”

This turns out not to be the case. It seems at this time of the year every year Crystal goes crazy on cash in order to staunch the pain of her old heartbreak, when she left him chasing after her in the car with the then-owner of the Sunshine Center.

This show is not about Ben. This is a show about Crystal, and Ben, in the dual role as minion and friend, serves as the sceptical, unromantic eyes through which the audience can engage with her. The credit has to go to the creators of Mr Sunshine, not only for creating the character, but for plucking Allison Janney from the brilliant US adaptation of Shameless and centering a show around her. Without Janney, Crystal would not have worked. Her duet with her ex-husband was strangely emotional, given the wacky slapstick backstory and situation, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else managing to so deftly merge those lines between cartoonish crazy and oddly touching.

Alonso and Alice still haven’t found their niche in the show, but this episode was more on target than the past few. Roman and Heather on the other hand have become the show’s emotional romantic core, and their relationship is brimming with sincere sweetness, which balances nicely with a show so cynical.

Ben: “I once saw you shoot a dolphin!”
Crystal: “I was defending my yacht.”

Heather (after hearing Roman’s declaration of love for her): “Oh Roman.”
Roman: “Heather…”
Female football quarterback looking forward to a night with Ben: “[sigh]…I’ve made so many bad choices in my life.”

I thought this was the best episode yet, better even than the hilarious third episode. If Mr Sunshine can stay on this track, it’ll become must-see tv without question.

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