FAIRLY LEGAL “My Best Friend’s Prenup” Review

Fairly Legal (USA) My Best Ffriend's Prenup

FAIRLY LEGAL “My Best Friend’s Prenup” Season 1 Episode 9 – With a little help from Leo, Kate delves into the info she got from David and finds out a few things about her father I’m thinking she wishes she’d never seen. Things like the fact that her dad started his company by lying and taking money that wasn’t his and letting another man go down for it. You know, little stuff like that.

Meanwhile, she’s caught in the middle of another father and daughter battle when she mediates the prenup between her best friend Julie, Julie’s fiancé and Julie’s dad. Everyone is happy until Julie’s dad demands his son-in-law to be have no part of the family business, which upsets Julie, and Eric admits that the mother he claimed was dead is actually alive, which upsets Julie more. Kate of course handles it all beautifully and the wedding goes on as planned, ending with a lovely impromptu dance between her and Justin. Which was beautiful and sweet until he decided it was a “bad idea” and walked away.

Okay so I know that a couple weeks ago I was totally annoyed by the relationship between Kate and Justin, but now that they’ve talked it out a few times I’m kinda rooting for them. Every time they get close and then back away I just have to groan. Makes me wonder if we’re going to be left hanging in next week’s season finale, which I have a feeling we will be.

My favorite bits…

Okay wait, how come when Justin calls Kate’s phone he hears the Tin Man theme (which I think is totally cute by the way) but we don’t anymore? I miss the Wizard of Oz rings.

Kate warning her friends that people who get engaged tend to get married. Wait. What???

Finding out that Kate once played Sandy in Grease.

Kate telling Lauren that she would make a great Rizzo.

Wow, things went from “we’re all one big happy family” to “hell in a handbasket” really fast.

I know it was just a fantasy, but I kinda giggled when Joseph beat up Eric on their wedding day.

Kate totally nailing it when she accused Joseph of gathering an audience and hoping to break up his daughter’s fiancé.

Finding out that Kate and Justin got married after about six weeks. Hmm, that explains a lot too.

Cracking up at a bunch of lawyers talking smack about another bunch of lawyers on a basketball court.

Leo getting very upset every time someone called his “vinyl figures” toys.

This line from Leo: “They’re not toys and I don’t play with them…much.”

This bit: Kate: “Do you know what happened in 1980?” Leo: “Disco died.”

Kate finding out that her dad started his company with cash. Uh oh..

Kate trying to run interference to keep Joseph away from Julie and Eric.

Eric standing up to Joseph.

For someone who forgot she knew how to do it, Kate landed a pretty sweet punch on Joseph.

Knowing that Leo was going to pop that DVD in as soon as Lauren walked away, even though he promised not to. Oh Leo, so very predictable.

Kate pulling some tae kwon do moves (at least that’s what I think they were) and promptly falling on her butt. LOL.

Finding out that Kim the sandwich girl was the one who took the figures and got them autographed. Awwww!

Leo finally asking out Kim. Yay!

Kate asking Joseph if he wasn’t actually worried about losing the princess, not about allowing a poor man into his castle.

Kate and Justin dancing while reminiscing about all the problems of their wedding day. That is before Justin decided it was a bad idea and walked away. Ugh!

What did you think of this episode of Fairly Legal? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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