Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior “Here is the Fire”, Season 1 Episode 4 – The writers for CRIMINAL MINDS: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR must be reading my reviews because the very first scene of “Here is the Fire” attempts to answer one of the biggest questions I’ve had about the series: Why is the Red Cell team necessary? What is it about them that separates them from the original BAU squad from Criminal Minds? Well, Richard Schiff’s recurring character Jack Fickler tried to give us an answer to that in the opening scene. He told his assistant that the other “traditional” team has already been assembled, but Jack said he wanted Sam Cooper because…because…well, I guess because they’re faster? He didn’t really specify the reason very well, and it didn’t make a lot of sense since I never thought of the original Criminal Minds team as particularly slow, so this reasoning didn’t really ring true. Good try, guys, but I’m going to need a better reason than that to buy the reason this show even exists.

I guess this same complaint can be made about most procedural spin-offs. The other shows usually just change the city where the show is based, but this one even has the team based in the same city! So if you’re not going to do a better job differentiating your show, you’ve at least got to make it entertaining. And thankfully, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior has been more consistent in quality from the premiere.

This episode was originally going to be the pilot episode for this show, and I really wish that they had used this one instead. The pilot they actually used was better suited for a TV show that is years into its run as opposed to trying to make a good first impression. This episode, on the other hand, had wall-to-wall explosions and suspense. I didn’t like this episode as much as the last two, but it still maintained the higher level of quality that has been showcased since the premiere. Here’s hoping that Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior can keep it up with the quality, and hopefully give us a little more interaction between the team. Hopefully as this series go on, the sour taste of the premiere will eventually go away.

Random Thoughts:

– Every week I talk about Janeane Garofalo’s character, so I wanted to stop harping on the same thing in the body of the review and just do a quick little blurb down here. I just think they’re making her character too inconsistent for their own good. Some weeks she barely says anything, and then there’s episodes like this where she gets all huffy and opinionated at the drop of a hat. Let’s get more consistent, guys.

– The Unsub’s watch timer had one second left when Jonathan and Mick were still on the bus, then the camera cuts away and when it explodes they’re about 40 yards from the bus. That’s quite a sprint.

– I’m sure the kid who played Shawn is a nice guy, but maybe he shouldn’t focus on many more dramatic roles. When he talked to his brother on the phone, his face scrunched up like he smelled something when he was supposed to be sad. It made me laugh out loud, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t the intention of the scene.

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